Learning the Lightroom Ecosystem

Learning the Lightroom Ecosystem

Learning the Lightroom Ecosystem is an Intermediate level study on Business, crafted by the creator, Theresa Jackson. This study is an absolute step for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Business skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Photo Management, Photography, Raw Processing, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom, Business, Photo Management, Photography, Raw Processing, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom.

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Author Theresa Jackson
Publish Date 3/28/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 38m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 32
Last Update N/A

Confused about the many facets of Adobe Lightroom? This course unpacks the whole ecosystem—from mobile Lightroom to Lighroom Classic—and details how each of these powerful tools work together. Instructor Theresa Jackson lays out the basics of each application, providing photographers of all levels with the knowledge they need to make Lightroom their go-to tool—and avoid the chaos and unorganized photos that can befall the uninitiated. Get a high-level overview of how to manage image files, avoid losing your photos, and sync Lightroom Classic with the Lightroom ecosystem. Plus, get tips for using the Lightroom mobile mobile app camera, editing images, and sharing and publishing web galleries.

Topics include:

  • What is the Lightroom ecosystem?
  • Managing image files
  • Managing the ecosystem with Lightroom on the web
  • Avoiding accidental deletion of your photos
  • Syncing Lightroom Classic with the Lightroom ecosystem
  • Benefits of the Lightroom mobile app
  • Editing in Lightroom
  • Sharing and publishing web galleries

Learning the Lightroom Ecosystem : Video Lessons

  • The power of the Lightroom ecosystem1m 43s
  • What is the Lightroom ecosystem?2m 55s
  • Lightroom name update27s
  • Adobe Creative Cloud subscription plans4m 50s
  • How to find and install apps4m 48s
  • Mobile device setup and import6m 23s
  • Lightroom setup and import6m 21s
  • Lightroom Classic import and sync setup5m 37s
  • Action steps: Getting started1m 1s
  • Understanding the cloud3m 38s
  • Where are my photos in Lightroom desktop app?3m 18s
  • Where are my photos in Lightroom for mobile?3m 22s
  • Where are my photos in Lightroom Classic?2m 17s
  • Managing the ecosystem with Lightroom Web1m 24s
  • How not to lose my photos3m 52s
  • Action steps: Build your catalog1m 13s
  • How sync works between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom2m 28s
  • Lightroom synced to Lightroom Classic2m 36s
  • Lightroom Classic synced to Lightroom2m 3s
  • Action steps: Sync collection43s
  • Benefits of the Lightroom mobile app camera1m 39s
  • Lightroom mobile app camera settings5m 14s
  • 5022351_04_02_XR30_camerasettings_2020Q12m 21s
  • Action steps: Take some mobile photos1m 6s
  • Synced edits1m 35s
  • Lightroom Classic Develop module10m 30s
  • Editing with Lightroom3m 41s
  • Action steps: Edit a photo1m 14s
  • Lightroom public sharing3m 30s
  • Action steps: Create shared albums32s
  • Customize galleries using Lightroom for web3m 56s
  • Next steps51s

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