Learning SpeedGrade CS6

Learning SpeedGrade CS6

Learning SpeedGrade CS6 is an Intermediate level course on Photography, produced by the creator, Chad Perkins. This course is an important foundation for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Photography talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Color Correction, Photography, Video, SpeedGrade, Color Correction, Photography, Video and SpeedGrade.

Free Download - Learning SpeedGrade CS6
Author Chad Perkins
Publish Date 6/21/2012
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 14m
Topic Color Correction
Video Tutorials 35
Last Update N/A

Adobe SpeedGrade is a color grading and finishing tool that allows video editors to control color and light for any type of content, and it is now part of the Creative Suite. In this workshop filmmaker and author Chad Perkins teaches the basics of this powerful software. Learn how to perform a basic color grade, create looks, mask footage, apply grades to multiple clips, and much more. Plus, see how SpeedGrade can fit into your overall post-production workflow.

Topics include:

  • What is SpeedGrade?
  • Understanding the interface and workflow
  • Saving projects
  • Rendering from SpeedGrade
  • Working with footage
  • Grading basics
  • Blending grades
  • Using looks
  • Masking footage
  • Fixing problem shots

Learning SpeedGrade CS6 : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 8s
  • What is SpeedGrade?13m 48s
  • The difference color correction makes1m 47s
  • The story of SpeedGrade1m 21s
  • Understanding the interface4m 37s
  • Understanding the workflow2m 49s
  • Importing footage and opening files2m 15s
  • Playing back assets2m 45s
  • Saving projects1m 40s
  • Rendering from SpeedGrade2m 49s
  • Sending to SpeedGrade from Premiere Pro1m 55s
  • Automatically detecting scenes2m 10s
  • Creating multiple playheads2m 35s
  • Using multiple monitors1m 57s
  • Performing basic video edits1m 55s
  • Deleting timelines1m 22s
  • Managing large R3D and ARRI Alexa files4m 59s
  • Performing a basic color grade6m 36s
  • Using a trackball2m 3s
  • Adjusting tones independently4m 24s
  • Adjusting other attributes2m 3s
  • Blending grades5m 10s
  • Applying grades to multiple clips5m 2s
  • Isolating colors5m 46s
  • Applying a look-up table2m 26s
  • Managing multiple playheads5m 23s
  • Applying presets4m 12s
  • Saving custom looks2m 55s
  • Creating masks6m 15s
  • Creating a quick vignette4m 31s
  • Fixing problem shots8m 56s
  • What is a creative grade?3m 45s
  • Sample project: Hollywood blockbuster8m 27s
  • Sample project: Horror movie4m 37s
  • Goodbye36s

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