Learning Speedgrade CC 2014

Learning Speedgrade CC 2014

Learning Speedgrade CC 2014 is an Beginner level study on Photography, produced by the creator, Patrick Inhofer. This study is an essential foundation for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Photography talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Color Correction, Photography, Video, SpeedGrade, Color Correction, Photography, Video and SpeedGrade.

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Author Patrick Inhofer
Publish Date 8/15/2013
Skill Beginner
Duration 4h 55m
Topic Color Correction
Video Tutorials 61
Last Update 1/24/2014

Using Adobe SpeedGrade CC, powerful professional color correction and color grading is available to anyone with a Creative Cloud membership. In this course, professional colorist Patrick Inhofer offers a project-based learning experience to get you familiar with the SpeedGrade tools. You’ll work three different types of projects through the color correction and grading process, which includes getting projects and footage into SpeedGrade, color correcting and grading shots, and then rendering and outputting shots. Each step of the process is rich with lessons and anecdotes that are applicable to real-world color grading scenarios that editors, producers, and other creatives will face.

This course was created by Patrick Inhofer and produced by Robbie Carman. We are honored to host this content in our library.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the interface and reading scopes
  • Getting clips and projects into SpeedGrade
  • Understanding the 3-way controls
  • Making contrast and color corrections
  • Pulling HSL keys
  • Making secondary corrections and using custom look layers
  • Tracking masks to objects
  • Matching shots
  • Rendering footage
  • Moving timelines between Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade

Learning Speedgrade CC 2014 : Video Lessons

  • Welcome3m 36s
  • Where does SpeedGrade fit in a post-production workflow?5m 52s
  • Exploring additional equipment5m 34s
  • Using the exercise files9m 36s
  • What's new in 7.14m 57s
  • What's new in 7.22m 4s
  • Interface overview7m 7s
  • Navigating to media in the Media Browser5m 4s
  • Direct Link vs. Native5m 39s
  • Direct Link on the Mac2m 54s
  • Manipulating the viewer5m 44s
  • Manipulating the Timeline5m 3s
  • Using analysis tools to evaluate contrast and exposure6m 42s
  • Using analysis to evaluate color8m
  • Importing clips directly into SpeedGrade4m 42s
  • Using automatic scene detection5m 53s
  • Sending a sequence from Premiere Pro to SpeedGrade6m 58s
  • Using an edit decision list (EDL) to conform a project7m 11s
  • Colorist lingo: What is a primary correction?4m 11s
  • Understanding the 3-Way controls: Contrast4m 59s
  • Understanding the 3-Way controls: Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights5m 26s
  • Understanding the 3-Way controls: Hue and Saturation5m 16s
  • Using the slider controls6m 39s
  • Adding, deleting, and working with primary layers8m 59s
  • Making initial contrast and color adjustments6m 59s
  • Balancing your shots by removing color casts6m 6s
  • Grading in passes4m 4s
  • Colorist lingo: What is a secondary correction?2m 9s
  • Colorist lingo: The vignette1m 42s
  • Using masks5m 23s
  • Mask linking5m 41s
  • Maks and layer linking2m 30s
  • Grading layers and grading clips5m 29s
  • Tracking masks and using the keyframing controls8m 15s
  • Understanding the secondary layer8m 16s
  • Pulling HSL keys and limiting with masks4m 38s
  • Tracking a face6m 44s
  • Keying and grading skies4m 47s
  • Using a mask with a sky correction1m 42s
  • Copying corrections from one shot to another4m 59s
  • Using the Snapshot Browser7m 19s
  • Using the Continuity Checker5m 47s
  • Using the Shot Matcher4m 14s
  • Saving and recalling grades4m 51s
  • Understanding the Look layer7m 55s
  • Saving and applying looks using the Look Manager and Look presets6m 13s
  • Colorist lingo: RAW, LOG, and look-up tables (LUTs)5m 5s
  • Controls for RAW footage5m 46s
  • Understanding LOG (flat) footage and LUTs6m 17s
  • Setting up a render7m
  • Importing rendered media back in Premiere Pro2m 40s
  • Sharing looks between SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro5m 38s
  • Direct Link to Premiere Pro4m 43s
  • Additional resources2m 36s
  • Goodbye2m

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