Learning PowerPoint Online (Office 365)

Learning PowerPoint Online (Office 365)

Learning PowerPoint Online (Office 365) is an Beginner level course on Business, written by the creator, Heather Severino. This course is an essential base for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Business skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Presentations, Microsoft 365, Office 365, PowerPoint, Business, Presentations, Microsoft 365, Office 365 and PowerPoint.

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Author Heather Severino
Publish Date 2/18/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 20m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 34
Last Update N/A

With PowerPoint Online, you can create, edit, and share presentations directly in your web browser. The web app is flexible and powerful, but it differs from the desktop version of PowerPoint. In this course, Microsoft Certified Trainer Heather Severino walks you through all the unique features of PowerPoint Online. She begins with basics, showing how to create, open, and save files in a browser. Next, she walks through slide layout essentials, such as adding headers and footers, and shows how to incorporate visuals such as charts, photos, videos, and audio. She also demonstrates how to share and co-edit presentations, as well as view and print PowerPoint files. Finally, she shares some handy keyboard shortcuts and explains how to get help with the Tell Me feature.

Note: This course is for users who know the basics of the PowerPoint desktop app, but are new to the web browser version, PowerPoint Online. It emphasizes features that work differently in PowerPoint Online. For basic PowerPoint guidance, please see PowerPoint Essential Training (Office 365) or Learning PowerPoint 2019.

Topics include:

  • Saving and uploading files in OneDrive for Business
  • Changing slide layouts
  • Inserting SmartArt, pictures, videos, and more
  • Applying themes
  • Adding comments
  • Enabling audio and subtitles
  • Sharing presentations
  • Co-authoring presentations
  • Viewing and printing slides
  • Getting help with PowerPoint

Learning PowerPoint Online (Office 365) : Video Lessons

  • Get to know PowerPoint on the web42s
  • How to use the exercise files1m 7s
  • Open PowerPoint Online1m 18s
  • Create and save a new presentation in OneDrive for Business2m 36s
  • Upload a file to OneDrive for Business2m 30s
  • Work with the simplified ribbon1m 19s
  • Switch to the desktop app32s
  • Work with slide layouts2m 31s
  • Add and view slide notes1m 40s
  • Duplicate, delete, and hide slides2m 28s
  • Create SmartArt diagrams4m 49s
  • Insert pictures3m 1s
  • Apply transitions and animations5m 16s
  • Insert a video2m 14s
  • Apply a theme to slides2m 17s
  • Working with contextual ribbons1m 29s
  • Get design ideas in PowerPoint Online2m 9s
  • Insert and manage comments3m 13s
  • Dictate slide content2m 22s
  • Enable subtitles in a slide show2m 15s
  • Share a presentation3m 22s
  • Share a link to a slide1m 25s
  • Coauthor a presentation2m 15s
  • Manage version history2m 19s
  • Copy a presentation from OneDrive to Microsoft Teams2m 24s
  • Check accessibility3m 40s
  • Print slides2m 7s
  • Work with slide views4m 27s
  • Get assistance with the Tell me feature2m 21s
  • Practice your presentation skills with Presenter Coach4m 55s
  • Work with the iOS app2m 30s
  • Next steps3m 22s

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