Learning Photoshop Elements 2018

Learning Photoshop Elements 2018

Learning Photoshop Elements 2018 is an Beginner level tutorial on Photography, written by the creator, Chad Chelius. This tutorial is a critical base for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Photography expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on Photo Management, Photography, Raw Processing, Photoshop Elements, Photo Management, Photography, Raw Processing and Photoshop Elements.

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Author Chad Chelius
Publish Date 10/3/2017
Skill Beginner
Duration 6h 23m
Topic Photo Management
Video Tutorials 70
Last Update N/A

Learn the essentials of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018, the powerful image editing software for casual to intermediate photographers who want to achieve professional results without the professional price tag. In this course, instructor Chad Chelius introduces the photo organizing, editing, and sharing features of Photoshop Elements 2018. He covers different ways of importing photos into the Elements Organizer, and shares tips for tagging and managing those images, making the images easy to find later. He dives into working with the Photoshop Elements Editor, sharing both basic and advanced image editing techniques. In addition, he familiarizes you with Guided Edits mode, the Expert Mode workspace, and working with Layers and selection tools.

Topics include:

  • Working with the Elements Organizer
  • Creating a new catalog
  • Importing photos
  • Backing up your catalogs
  • Managing photos
  • Fixing photos with improved Instant Fix
  • Sharing photos
  • Exporting photos to different formats
  • Working with the Photoshop Elements Editor
  • Getting familiar with Guided Edits mode
  • Expert Mode
  • Selections and the selection tools
  • Making the most of Adjustment layers

Learning Photoshop Elements 2018 : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m
  • What you should know2m 53s
  • Exercise files1m 19s
  • The role of Photoshop Elements2m 19s
  • Components of Photoshop Elements 20181m 46s
  • The welcome screen2m 43s
  • What is the Elements Organizer?59s
  • What is a catalog?1m 31s
  • Create a new catalog5m 21s
  • Importing photos5m 36s
  • Import photos from a camera card8m 52s
  • Set up watch folders5m 40s
  • The Elements Organizer 2018 interface7m 53s
  • Back up your catalogs6m 52s
  • Restore a catalog3m 40s
  • Learn with eLive5m 3s
  • Take advantage of Smart Tags6m 22s
  • Techniques for selecting photos5m 53s
  • Hide and delete photos5m 19s
  • View and add basic metadata8m 1s
  • Organize photos: Albums, places, and events9m 17s
  • Face recognition: Tag and find photos7m 31s
  • Add keywords to photos6m 53s
  • Use the Auto Curate feature3m 7s
  • Find your photos6m 18s
  • Fix photos with improved Instant Fix5m 37s
  • Work with stacks and version sets5m 14s
  • Create a slideshow from your images9m 54s
  • Export photos to different formats5m 26s
  • Share options in Elements Organizer3m 1s
  • Share photos on Facebook2m 42s
  • Create projects from your photos6m 29s
  • Email your photos5m 26s
  • An overview of Photoshop Elements Editor4m 19s
  • Quick Editor: Tools overview4m
  • Straighten and crop a photo7m 37s
  • Navigate an image in the Quick Editor5m 35s
  • Quick Editor: Make basic photo edits7m 30s
  • Get familiar with Guided Edits mode2m 50s
  • Make basic tonal adjustments5m 20s
  • Create a black and white image5m 49s
  • Use the Painterly effect5m 8s
  • Use the Scene Cleaner7m 31s
  • Create a Double Exposure effect6m 36s
  • Apply the Out of Bounds effect7m 17s
  • Add a custom frame to a photo7m 13s
  • Create photo text8m
  • Motion blur with Speed Pan Guided Edit7m 12s
  • Replace Background Guided Edit6m 20s
  • The Expert Mode workspace5m 18s
  • Editing a RAW or DNG image7m 46s
  • Using the Smart Brush6m 10s
  • Removing haze from an image5m 19s
  • Adjust facial features3m 41s
  • Retouch photos in Expert Mode7m 9s
  • Edit with content-aware features6m 49s
  • Open closed eyes3m 37s
  • Resize using the Recompose tool6m 12s
  • An introduction to Layers8m 14s
  • Add text to an image6m 8s
  • Understand Smart Objects7m 48s
  • Combine multiple images6m 54s
  • Add shapes and graphics to an image7m
  • Understand blending modes6m 48s
  • Selections and the selection tools8m 40s
  • Make the most of Adjustment layers5m 58s
  • Nondestructive edits with Layer Masks8m 50s
  • Next steps48s

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