Learning Photomatix Pro

Learning Photomatix Pro

Learning Photomatix Pro is an Intermediate level course on Photography, created by an expert, Richard Harrington. This course is an important base for a person who needs to get better at his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on HDR, Photography, Photomatix, HDR, Photography and Photomatix.

Free Download - Learning Photomatix Pro
Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 3/3/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 4h 5m
Topic HDR
Video Tutorials 57
Last Update 9/22/2017

Join Rich Harrington and explore the world of HDR, or high dynamic range, imagery with Photomatix from HDRsoft. Rich covers how to merge multiple exposures to show an extended dynamic range of scenes, as well as preprocess images to reduce ghosting, noise, and chromatic aberration. He also reviews tone mapping and exposure fusions, and solutions to common problems you’ll encounter in HDR images, such as color cast. At the end of the course, Rich offers a series of challenges to test your skills.

This course was created and produced by Rich Harrington. We’re honored to host this material in our library.

Topics include:

  • Loading bracketed photos
  • Aligning source images
  • Reducing noise and chromatic aberration
  • Tone mapping with methods
  • Fusing a single image or multiple images
  • Removing color cast
  • Automating with batch processing

Learning Photomatix Pro : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 36s
  • Using the exercise files1m 8s
  • Loading from a folder3m 42s
  • Loading from Lightroom7m 13s
  • Loading from Bridge5m 22s
  • When to load raw files3m 2s
  • When to load preprocessed files4m 25s
  • Loading from Photos for macOS6m 13s
  • Aligning source images4m 5s
  • Removing ghost images with automatic deghosting4m 20s
  • Removing ghost images with selective deghosting6m 40s
  • Reducing noise2m 36s
  • Reducing chromatic aberration6m 16s
  • Choosing the color primaries and white balance2m 57s
  • Working with single files2m 53s
  • Working with single raw files8m 15s
  • Batch processing single photos for contrast and sharpening6m 31s
  • Working in Unified or Floating mode3m 26s
  • When to use Tone Mapping3m 15s
  • When to use Exposure Fusion2m 48s
  • Adjusting the preview window2m 35s
  • Working with presets4m 52s
  • Add finishing touches4m 48s
  • Saving the image3m 45s
  • File naming options with Photomatix Pro4m 36s
  • Redoing the image with other settings2m 11s
  • Managing your Photomatix presets5m 29s
  • The Details Enhancer workflow6m 21s
  • The Contrast Optimizer workflow3m 50s
  • The Tone Compressor workflow3m 53s
  • The black-and-white workflow5m 58s
  • The tone balancer workflow6m 29s
  • The Fusion/Natural workflow4m 31s
  • Exploring the Fusion/Real Estate workflow using photos taken outside7m 2s
  • Working with Fusion/Real Estate workflow using photos taken inside2m 54s
  • The Fusion/Intensive workflow2m 54s
  • Fusing multiple images4m 5s
  • Fusing a single image2m 22s
  • Comparing methods3m 14s
  • Removing color casts5m 15s
  • Removing tough ghosts2m 54s
  • Replacing a selection with a source6m 29s
  • Refining performance with preferences6m 5s
  • Automating with batch processing8m 27s
  • Photomatix Pro and color management3m 12s
  • Post-process in Photoshop5m 28s
  • Sending an image to Photos for macOS4m 20s
  • Making secondary color and tone adjustments3m 3s
  • Using the Adjustment Brush3m 54s
  • Blending an image to combine photos4m 40s
  • Adjusting contrast in the final image6m 34s
  • Sharpening the final image3m 45s
  • Cropping the final image2m 8s
  • Straightening the final image3m 32s
  • Resizing the image when saving2m 15s
  • Targeting an additional editor3m 29s
  • Final thoughts1m 4s

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