Learning Perfect Photo Suite 8

Learning Perfect Photo Suite 8

Learning Perfect Photo Suite 8 is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, created by the creator, Abba Shapiro. This tutorial is a critical base for a person who needs to excel in his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Photography, Plugin, Perfect Photo Suite, Photography, Plugin and Perfect Photo Suite.

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Author Abba Shapiro
Publish Date 4/14/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 41m
Topic Perfect Photo Suite
Video Tutorials 57
Last Update N/A

Abba Shapiro introduces Perfect Photo Suite, eight powerful modules that allow you to enhance photos, add effects, swap backgrounds, retouch portraits, and convert color photos to evocative black-and-white images. Perfect Photo Suite can be used as both a standalone application and integrated with Aperture, Lightroom, and Photoshop. Abba covers both workflows, and delivers three different adjustment challenges, which help you test your skills.

This is an introductory course produced by RHED Pixel to help both beginner and seasoned photographers quickly realize the benefits of Perfect Photo Suite 8. We are honored to host this training in our library.

Topics include:

  • What is Perfect Photo Suite 8?
  • What’s the right version for you?
  • Installing the software
  • Importing media into the Layers module
  • Making quick fixes with the Enhance module
  • Adjusting skin tone in the Portrait module
  • Applying effects presets
  • Creating masks
  • Resizing images
  • Integrating Photo Perfect Suite with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Aperture

Learning Perfect Photo Suite 8 : Video Lessons

  • Welcome25s
  • What you should know to get the most from this course41s
  • What is the Perfect Photo Suite 8?1m 39s
  • What's new in Perfect Photo Suite 8?58s
  • What's the right version of Perfect Photo Suite for you?1m 27s
  • Installing the software28s
  • Understanding preference settings1m 49s
  • Getting to know the browser interface1m 18s
  • Importing media into the Layers module5m 20s
  • Organizing and transforming layers4m 56s
  • Exploring tools3m 44s
  • Quick fixes2m 48s
  • Detailed adjustments4m 2s
  • Understanding presets2m 21s
  • Selecting faces2m 30s
  • Working with faces2m 32s
  • Removing blemishes2m 43s
  • Adjusting skin tone8m 58s
  • Blending55s
  • Working with portrait presets3m 54s
  • Effect presets2m 51s
  • Modifying effect presets2m 52s
  • Gradients3m 56s
  • Adjustment brushes4m 26s
  • Understanding filter stacks and mixing presets8m 6s
  • Saving and using custom presets4m 53s
  • Using lens blur to create bokeh, tilt-shift, and selective-focus effects5m 56s
  • Creating a black-and-white image from a color image4m 25s
  • Understanding tone and color response4m 25s
  • The special brushes of the B&W module8m 1s
  • Advanced Navigator adjustments5m 27s
  • Presets4m 27s
  • Understanding the uses of masking5m 58s
  • Creating a simple mask in the Layers module4m 47s
  • Creating a simple mask: The Keep, Drop, and Refine tools6m 19s
  • The Remove Background button3m 55s
  • Refining your mask6m 58s
  • Working with transparency4m 46s
  • Creating believable composites using the Effects module2m 51s
  • Resizing images for the web and digital distribution5m 42s
  • Preparing your images for print7m 29s
  • Using Perfect Batch8m 43s
  • Lightroom3m 47s
  • Photoshop4m 40s
  • Aperture1m 37s
  • When to use Perfect Photo Suite 81m 17s
  • Challenge: Masking and blending multiple images into one2m 6s
  • Solution: Masking and blending multiple images into one7m 33s
  • Challenge: Creating a vintage postcard from a new image42s
  • Solution: Creating a vintage postcard from a new image11m 34s
  • Challenge: Creating an old-looking image from a new one56s
  • Solution: Creating an old-looking image from a new one16m 5s
  • Next steps32s

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