Learning PCB Design with EAGLE

Learning PCB Design with EAGLE

Learning PCB Design with EAGLE is an Beginner level course on CAD, created by the creator, Taylor Hokanson. This course is an absolute foundation for an individual who needs to excel in his/her CAD skills. It provides you a strong understanding on CAD, Prototyping, Web, Product Design, Eagle, CAD, Prototyping, Web, Product Design and Eagle.

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Author Taylor Hokanson
Publish Date 7/30/2019
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 15m
Topic CAD
Video Tutorials 27
Last Update N/A

As products get smarter—and as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more a part of everyday life—electronic components are more commonplace in product design and prototyping. In this course, learn how to prepare electronic schematics for fabrication as printed circuit boards (PCBs) using the EAGLE PCB layout software from Autodesk. Instructor Taylor Hokanson shows how to design a circuit in schematic view and translate it to a physical PCB design. He also shows how to prepare the board for manufacturing by examining your design for errors and warnings.

Topics include:

  • What is EAGLE?
  • Developing a board layout
  • Adding in routing
  • Working with datasheets
  • Creating symbols and pins
  • Creating a device
  • Adding custom imagery
  • Checking designs for errors
  • Generating data and uploading to a manufacturer

Learning PCB Design with EAGLE : Video Lessons

  • What is EAGLE?53s
  • A note on the exercise files26s
  • Manufacturing options2m 17s
  • Download and first-time setup2m 33s
  • Control panel2m 19s
  • Annotation severed notice1m 2s
  • Package types to use1m 18s
  • Download your libraries2m 29s
  • Add in parts4m 22s
  • Incorporate names and values3m 23s
  • Develop the board layout4m 38s
  • Add in routing4m 14s
  • Create your own library2m 12s
  • Work with datasheets2m 36s
  • Create footprints: Pads5m 27s
  • Create footprints: Hidden markings3m 30s
  • Create footprints: Visible markings4m 2s
  • Create symbols and pins2m 43s
  • Create a device2m 52s
  • Place a custom device1m 58s
  • Connect a custom device3m 38s
  • Incorporate custom outlines3m 32s
  • Add custom imagery3m 24s
  • Electric rule checking (ERC)1m 43s
  • Design rule checking (DRC)2m 34s
  • Generate data and upload to manufacturer4m 29s
  • What's next?29s

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