Learning Management Reporter

Learning Management Reporter

Learning Management Reporter is an Beginner level tutorial on Business, compiled by the author, Renato Bellu. This tutorial is a critical pillar for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Business skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Business, Accounting, Finance, video2brain, Management Reporter, Business, Accounting, Finance, video2brain and Management Reporter.

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Author Renato Bellu
Publish Date 3/19/2018
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 19m
Topic Accounting
Video Tutorials 28
Last Update N/A

Learn to use Microsoft Management Reporter, the interactive reporting application for creating, maintaining, and deploying financial statements, to automate and simplify your reporting from Dynamics GP. Instructor Renato Bellu begins by showing how to start a new report using building blocks and row, column, and tree definitions. Next, he digs deeper into row and column definitions, demonstrating how to customize reports based on a number of variables. Finally, he shows how to adjust report output with page setup and rounding options, implement security with users and groups, and publish reports in a variety of ways, depending on your organization’s needs.

Topics include:

  • Explain the purpose of using format codes within Management Reporter.
  • Identify the function of row modifiers.
  • Recognize the source of information of the account number, description, and financial dimensions columns.
  • Recall two ways to add headers to a report.
  • Determine the cause of rows disappearing after adjusting display options.
  • Recall the steps for specifying where a report will go in the Report Library.
  • Compare and contrast the Web Viewer and the Desktop Viewer.

Learning Management Reporter : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 15s
  • A quick tour of the interface2m 43s
  • Create a report with building blocks3m 20s
  • Specify accounts with row definitions3m 13s
  • Specify dates and variances with column definitions2m 37s
  • Specify departments and divisions with tree definitions2m 43s
  • Put it all together with report definitions2m 30s
  • Generate the report2m 43s
  • Format codes2m 45s
  • Row modifiers3m 8s
  • Link to financial dimensions2m 57s
  • Group with wildcards and account ranges2m 48s
  • Work with related rows2m 50s
  • Column types2m 44s
  • Dates and time periods3m 15s
  • Display fields from general ledger detail3m 24s
  • Filter a column with a financial dimension2m 47s
  • Perform calculations within columns2m 53s
  • Add headers and footers2m 46s
  • Explore report display options3m 1s
  • Drill down from financial to account to detail3m 5s
  • Export reports to Excel4m 18s
  • Understand rounding options3m 28s
  • Organize the Report Library2m 51s
  • Create users and roles and set permissions3m 5s
  • Desktop Viewer vs. Web Viewer2m 40s
  • Take command of Web Viewer2m 51s
  • Next steps1m 2s

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