Learning Lightroom Mobile

Learning Lightroom Mobile

Learning Lightroom Mobile is an Beginner level tutorial on Business, crafted by an expert, Jan Kabili. This tutorial is a critical base for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Business talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Business, Photography, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Lightroom Mobile, Business, Photography, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Lightroom Mobile.

Free Download - Learning Lightroom Mobile
Author Jan Kabili
Publish Date 6/20/2019
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 55m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 39
Last Update N/A

Get up and running with Adobe Lightroom for mobile. In this course, Jan Kabili shows how to use this popular app to create, edit, and share high-quality images from your iOS or Android device. Jan starts with the basics, explaining how to add and capture photos with the app, as well as how to work with the general editing controls. Next, she dives into basic photo editing techniques, including how to adjust lighting, reduce noise, sharpen your images, and copy edits to other photos. Plus, learn about selective editing with radial gradients, converting color photos to black and white, organizing your photos into albums, and sharing your images.

Topics include:

  • Adding photos from your mobile camera roll
  • Syncing photos across the Lightroom ecosystem
  • Adjusting lighting and color saturation
  • Reducing noise
  • Copying edits to other photos
  • Adding lighting effects
  • Converting color photos to black and white
  • Organizing your photos
  • Web sharing options

Learning Lightroom Mobile : Video Lessons

  • What is Lightroom on mobile?1m
  • Introduction to Lightroom CC on mobile2m 58s
  • Using the exercise files4m 6s
  • Adding photos from your mobile camera roll2m 53s
  • Capturing photos with your Lightroom camera3m 46s
  • Syncing photos across the Lightroom ecosystem3m 20s
  • Using Lightroom CC on mobile with Lightroom Classic4m 20s
  • Getting to know the general editing controls6m 18s
  • Starting with a profile4m 59s
  • Using presets5m 57s
  • Auto-correcting2m 31s
  • Adjusting lighting6m 8s
  • Controlling color white balance3m 21s
  • Adjusting color saturation1m 52s
  • Applying the Clarity, Dehaze, and Vignette effects2m 59s
  • Cropping and straightening3m 50s
  • Correcting distortion perspective with Geometry and Optics controls3m 57s
  • Removing fringing54s
  • Reducing noise1m 38s
  • Sharpening3m 42s
  • Copying edits to other photos3m
  • Removing unwanted content with the Healing tool2m 47s
  • Painting adjustments with the Brush tool4m 16s
  • Adding lighting effects with radial gradients4m 8s
  • Selective editing with linear gradients4m 33s
  • Controlling individual colors with the Color Mixer3m 52s
  • Converting color photos to black and white4m 29s
  • Split-toning for creative color2m 1s
  • Reviewing and rating your photos4m 9s
  • Finding photos with auto-tagging, search, and filters2m 44s
  • Organizing your photos with albums4m 47s
  • Keywording1m 24s
  • Sharing your photos1m 3s
  • Web sharing options1m 28s
  • Goodbye44s

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