Learning Lightroom Mobile

Learning Lightroom Mobile

Learning Lightroom Mobile is an Intermediate level course on Business, crafted by the creator, Chris Orwig. This course is an important base for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Business talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Business, Photo Management, Photography, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Lightroom Mobile, Business, Photo Management, Photography, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Lightroom Mobile.

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Author Chris Orwig
Publish Date 1/22/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 44m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 42
Last Update N/A

Get up to speed with Adobe’s Lightroom mobile app, which takes Lightroom’s most powerful features—the catalog and powerful Develop module—and streamlines them for use on a smartphone or tablet. With Lightroom for mobile, you can sync photo collections effortlessly across devices (including your desktop), make over 40 one-click adjustments, or dive deep into the more fine-tuned editing controls. This overview is a fun exploration of the creative possibilities offered by the app. Chris Orwig, a teacher and professional photographer, shows how to view and rate images, select the “keepers,” crop photos and fine-tune color, change looks quickly with adjustment presets, share your photos online, and combine Lightroom for mobile with other photo editing apps such as Adobe Fix and Mix.

Topics include:

  • Importing photos in the Lightroom mobile app
  • Synchronizing collections in Lightroom Classic CC for desktop
  • Rating and organizing photos with flags and stars
  • Making photo adjustments
  • Cropping photos
  • Applying presets
  • Fine-tuning color
  • Applying a vignette
  • Sharing photos from Lightroom for mobile
  • Retouching with Adobe Fix
  • Combining photos with Adobe Mix
  • Editing photos offline
  • Working with gestures

Learning Lightroom Mobile : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 11s
  • What is Lightroom Mobile and how does it work?5m 1s
  • Choosing collections to synchronize in Lightroom for desktop6m 17s
  • Viewing your images5m 11s
  • Creating new collections and importing from the camera roll3m 38s
  • Working with Lightroom mobile and Lightroom desktop together3m 13s
  • Capturing photos and putting them in a collection2m 12s
  • Changing the collection cover photo1m 38s
  • Changing the thumbnail size1m 21s
  • Hiding the extras2m 24s
  • Selecting the keepers with flags and stars4m 25s
  • Filtering your images2m 21s
  • Making development adjustments3m 25s
  • Copy and paste adjustments for increased speed2m 43s
  • Cropping your photographs3m 41s
  • Applying presets2m 59s
  • Fine-tuning color3m 30s
  • Making better black-and-white images2m 51s
  • Two-finger drag to reveal a clipping mask2m 33s
  • Applying a Vignette effect1m 21s
  • Adding definition with Dehaze1m 20s
  • Sharing your images on social media, email, and more3m 5s
  • Copying a photo to Instagram1m 32s
  • Sharing a collection as a public web gallery4m 24s
  • Adding and reviewing comments to the web gallery2m 13s
  • Using Presentation Mode to share your work3m 1s
  • Retouching with Lightroom for mobile and Photoshop Fix2m 21s
  • Making a slideshow with Lightroom for mobile and Premiere Clip1m 40s
  • Crafting a visual narrative with Lightroom for mobile and Adobe Slate2m 46s
  • Combining photos with Lightroom for mobile and Photoshop Mix2m 25s
  • Enabling offline editing1m 51s
  • Essential preferences and settings2m 32s
  • Viewing before and after26s
  • Toggling on and off info and the interface1m 52s
  • Quickly add stars and flags1m 19s
  • Resetting adjustments56s
  • Shoot through presets2m 14s
  • Enhanced tone curve with point curve mode4m 6s
  • Split tone adjustments2m 36s
  • Next steps17s

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