Learning Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC

Learning Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC

Learning Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC is an Beginner level study on Photography, created by the author, Jan Kabili. This study is an important base for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Photography skills. It provides you a thorough grip on HDR, Photo Management, Photography, Raw Processing, Lightroom, HDR, Photo Management, Photography, Raw Processing and Lightroom.

Free Download - Learning Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC
Author Jan Kabili
Publish Date 4/21/2015
Skill Beginner
Duration 5h 14m
Topic HDR
Video Tutorials 52
Last Update 10/5/2015

Powerful, affordable, and available for Macs and Windows PCs alike, Lightroom Classic CC has become an extremely popular program for photographers of all experience levels. In this course, Jan Kabili provides an approachable introduction to organizing, editing, and sharing photos in Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC. She shows how to organize and find photos using collections, keywords, and the new People view, and introduces workflows to bring out the best in photos with the Develop module: adjusting exposure, correcting color, sharpening, making local adjustments, and more. Jan also shows how to create panoramas and HDR photos right within Lightroom, and share your project with the world.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the Lightroom catalogs
  • Importing photos from multiple sources
  • Organizing photos in the Library module
  • Reviewing and rating photos
  • Creating collections
  • Tagging faces
  • Making basic corrections in the Develop module
  • Making local photo edits with the adjustment tools
  • Stitching together panoramas
  • Fixing perspective
  • Converting to black and white
  • Printing and exporting edited photos
  • Fixing missing photos

Learning Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 3s
  • Comparing Lightroom CC and Lightroom 647s
  • Using the exercise files3m 49s
  • Understanding catalogs4m 27s
  • Making storage and backup plans5m 45s
  • Organizing your photos before importing5m 18s
  • Importing photos from a drive9m 54s
  • Importing photos from a camera part 17m 2s
  • Importing photos from a camera part 26m 33s
  • Library module overview9m 59s
  • Customizing the Library module3m 52s
  • Viewing photos4m 37s
  • Displaying photo information4m 2s
  • Reviewing and rating photos7m 33s
  • Comparing photos4m 24s
  • Creating collections5m 58s
  • Organizing collections2m 41s
  • Using Smart Collections5m 22s
  • Keywording9m 58s
  • Indexing photos for People view4m 53s
  • Face tagging in People view14m 41s
  • Working with person keywords8m 2s
  • Finding photos by keywords5m 47s
  • Finding photos with filters6m 18s
  • Develop module overview8m 59s
  • Working in the Develop module3m 43s
  • Cropping6m 2s
  • Auto-straightening2m 43s
  • Setting white balance9m 1s
  • Adjusting tones in the Basic panel10m 5s
  • Adjusting saturation and vibrance in the Basic panel1m 59s
  • Fine-tuning colors in the HSL panel4m 42s
  • Removing color fringing1m 29s
  • Reducing digital noise5m 30s
  • Sharpening6m 59s
  • Applying graduated filters8m 27s
  • Fine-tuning a graduated filter with the Filter Brush6m 41s
  • Editing with the Adjustment Brush9m 37s
  • Using the Radial Filter and Filter Brush8m 47s
  • Removing distractions with the Spot Removal tool5m 25s
  • Applying dehaze3m 21s
  • Merging bracketed photos into an HDR9m 1s
  • Stitching a panorama8m 53s
  • Fixing perspective with Upright3m 55s
  • Converting a virtual copy to black and white7m 8s
  • Correcting redeye and pet eye3m 8s
  • Exporting photos9m 56s
  • Preparing for desktop printing4m 25s
  • Desktop printing8m 40s
  • Avoiding missing photos5m 56s
  • Fixing missing photos6m 21s
  • Next steps29s

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