Learning iTunes 12

Learning iTunes 12

Learning iTunes 12 is an Beginner level course on Business, written by the author, Garrick Chow. This course is an essential pillar for a person who needs to excel in his/her Business expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Computer Skills (Mac), Photography, Computer Skills (Windows), iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes, Business, Computer Skills (Mac), Photography, Computer Skills (Windows), iPhone, iPod, iPad and iTunes.

Free Download - Learning iTunes 12
Author Garrick Chow
Publish Date 5/21/2015
Skill Beginner
Duration 3h 18m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 42
Last Update N/A

Get started with iTunes 12. Garrick Chow begins the course with a tour of the iTunes interface and then explains how to import media, manage the library, create and manage playlists, enable home sharing and sharing over a network, make purchases from the iTunes Store, and more.

Topics include:

  • Differences between the Mac and Windows versions of iTunes
  • Using the playback controls
  • Importing music and videos
  • Consolidating your library
  • Finding duplicate songs
  • Playing music, playlists, and radio
  • Sharing and streaming content
  • Purchasing content from the iTunes Store

Learning iTunes 12 : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 8s
  • Using the exercise files33s
  • Opening iTunes for the first time2m 57s
  • Understanding the ways to view your library10m 19s
  • Playback controls5m 47s
  • General preferences6m 4s
  • Mac and Windows interface differences5m 35s
  • Parental controls4m 39s
  • Keyboard controls2m 20s
  • About file formats8m 38s
  • Importing from a CD5m 56s
  • Manually entering song info9m 27s
  • Finding and adding album artwork5m 33s
  • Dragging in song files6m 5s
  • Converting single files2m 19s
  • Importing videos4m 53s
  • Consolidating your library3m 56s
  • Upgrading to iTunes Media organization2m 33s
  • Extending your library3m 49s
  • Managing multiple libraries3m 9s
  • Finding duplicate songs5m 21s
  • Moving your library6m 14s
  • Searching3m 26s
  • Playback options8m 18s
  • Creating playlists5m 28s
  • Creating Smart playlists7m 9s
  • Creating Playlist folders3m 2s
  • Shuffling and choosing upcoming songs4m 40s
  • The Equalizer6m 50s
  • The Visualizer2m 59s
  • Internet Radio2m 43s
  • Sharing over a network5m
  • Home Sharing4m 4s
  • Burning discs5m 58s
  • iTunes Match6m 59s
  • Store overview3m 31s
  • Creating an account1m 29s
  • Purchasing content6m 11s
  • Authorizing other computers to play purchased content2m 46s
  • Purchasing gifts for others3m 19s
  • iTunes Radio6m 57s
  • What's next26s

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