Learning GitHub Actions (2019)

Learning GitHub Actions (2019)

Learning GitHub Actions (2019) is an Beginner level study on Developer, written by the author, Michael Jenkins. This study is a critical pillar for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Developer skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Development Tools, Developer, GitHub, Development Tools, Developer and GitHub.

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Author Michael Jenkins
Publish Date 5/28/2019
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 37m
Topic Developer
Video Tutorials 32
Last Update N/A

GitHub Actions is a continuous integration tool that allows developers to automate tasks for their web projects. In this course, learn how to use this powerful tool to build workflows triggered by events, as well as how to create your own custom actions. Instructor Michael Jenkins shows how to create your first actions and then construct a workflow that runs them. He demonstrates how to use featured and prebuilt actions, as well as additional actions from the GitHub Marketplace and public repositories. Plus, he shows how to plan and develop custom actions and goes over use cases that highlight the benefits of Actions for continuous integration and application deployment.

Topics include:

  • Creating an action
  • Creating a workflow
  • Adding actions to a workflow
  • Using an action from a repository
  • Using environment variables
  • Building custom actions
  • Use cases for actions and workflows

Learning GitHub Actions (2019) : Video Lessons

  • Automating your GitHub workflow1m 38s
  • What you should know2m 10s
  • Exercise files1m 49s
  • Getting to the workflow editor2m 16s
  • Your first Action4m 2s
  • Action attributes3m 50s
  • Create a workflow2m 56s
  • Add actions to a workflow2m 52s
  • Add dependencies between actions3m 13s
  • Workflow and action limitations1m 8s
  • Use featured and pre-built Actions2m 54s
  • Use an action from the Marketplace3m 9s
  • Use an action from a repository3m 2s
  • Using environment variables2m 53s
  • Using secrets2m 49s
  • Plan a custom action4m 29s
  • Your custom action objective1m 25s
  • Dockerfile review6m 2s
  • Add a Dockerfile2m 45s
  • Add an entry-point script2m 54s
  • Use runtime environment resources5m 5s
  • Test an action locally4m 43s
  • Complete the entry-point script2m 28s
  • Use labels in a Dockerfile3m 10s
  • Add a README file2m
  • Deploy a custom action4m 5s
  • Publish an action to the Marketplace4m 58s
  • Use cases for Actions and workflows41s
  • Continuous integration4m 37s
  • Pull requests3m 58s
  • Deploying a web application3m 22s
  • Next steps28s

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