Learning DaVinci Resolve 14

Learning DaVinci Resolve 14

Learning DaVinci Resolve 14 is an Beginner level course on Photography, created by the author, Patrick Inhofer. This course is an essential base for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Photography expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Color Correction, Photography, Video, Video Editing, DaVinci Resolve, Color Correction, Photography, Video, Video Editing and DaVinci Resolve.

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Author Patrick Inhofer
Publish Date 4/12/2018
Skill Beginner
Duration 5h 26m
Topic Color Correction
Video Tutorials 63
Last Update N/A

DaVinci Resolve is a fully-featured video post-production package that allows users to edit, color correct, color grade, and render a video project—all in the same package. In this course, learn how to get started with editing, color correcting, and audio mixing in DaVinci Resolve 14. Instructor Patrick Inhofer kicks off the course by covering some fundamental concepts, including how to set up a project in DaVinci Resolve 14, how to create and work with bins, and how to work with the Color page. Patrick then helps you get comfortable in DaVinci Resolve by familiarizing you with essential system, user, and project preferences. He also shares how to create Smart Bins; work with the Edit page; leverage tools that help you evaluate saturation and contrast; render to nonlinear editors from DaVinci Resolve 14; and more.

Topics include:

  • Setting up a project and key preferences
  • Organizing your media
  • Editing to the timeline
  • Color correcting to fix problems and add effects
  • Copying color corrections across clips
  • Making targeted fixes
  • Mixing audio
  • Using audio busses
  • Rendering to nonlinear editors

Learning DaVinci Resolve 14 : Video Lessons

  • Welcome54s
  • Understanding the exercise files4m 10s
  • Restoring the exercise files4m 10s
  • Restoring the DaVinci Resolve archives2m 30s
  • DaVinci Resolve overview8m 41s
  • Creating your first project5m 42s
  • Importing the practice footage6m 4s
  • Understanding the Media page6m 22s
  • Working with bins2m 8s
  • Create a timeline5m 32s
  • Understanding the Edit page2m 37s
  • Challenge: Quickly building a rough cut5m 11s
  • Challenge review7m 4s
  • Understanding the Color page10m 42s
  • Understanding the Fairlight page7m 20s
  • Challenge: Balancing the audio tracks7m 26s
  • Understanding the Deliver page3m 32s
  • Render for Vimeo delivery5m 19s
  • Quick quick-start review4m 58s
  • DaVinci Resolve vs. DaVinci Resolve Studio4m 25s
  • What computers can you use for DaVinci Resolve?3m 6s
  • Essential system preferences3m 5s
  • Essential user preferences6m 4s
  • Essential project preferences6m 47s
  • Revealing display names3m 23s
  • Power bins: Sharing bins in a database3m 27s
  • Setting poster frames1m 22s
  • Creating Smart Bins3m 2s
  • Editing and transport controls8m 42s
  • Editing in the timeline8m 13s
  • Selection mode6m 45s
  • Trim mode: Slip and slide4m 46s
  • Trim mode: Ripple and roll3m 41s
  • Source trimming2m 1s
  • Track targeting with the auto track selector6m 22s
  • The Inspector: Opacity, resize, and cropping4m 10s
  • Transitions 1015m 23s
  • Effects 1014m 45s
  • Titles 1015m 31s
  • Using scopes to evaluate exposure8m 41s
  • Using scopes to evaluate colorfulness7m 46s
  • Setting up broadcast safe5m 30s
  • Closer look: The 3-way color wheels8m 40s
  • Closer look: Understanding nodes9m 20s
  • Copying color corrections4m 6s
  • Using the gallery6m 18s
  • Exploring DaVinci Resolve looks2m 46s
  • Targeting fixes: Hue vs. curves8m 43s
  • Targeting fixes: Sat vs. Sat2m
  • Creating a look: Adding glows4m 47s
  • Power Windows 1018m 32s
  • Vignettes and the Tracker8m 11s
  • A note about LUTs (lookup tables)4m 34s
  • Thoughts on the Fairlight page2m 32s
  • Fades and cross fades4m 14s
  • Clip-level EQ3m 47s
  • Mixer 1017m 2s
  • Bus formatting and assignment4m 28s
  • Rendering to nonlinear editors7m 33s
  • Additional color correction resources4m
  • Thank you and goodbye1m 4s

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