Learning Color Management

Learning Color Management

Learning Color Management is an Beginner level tutorial on Design, compiled by the creator, Joe Brady. This tutorial is an absolute base for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Design skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Color, Color Correction, Design, Photography, Video, Color, Color Correction, Design, Photography and Video.

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Author Joe Brady
Publish Date 9/26/2013
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 58m
Topic Color
Video Tutorials 33
Last Update N/A

Having a consistent color management workflow can help you accurately get prints that match the image on your monitor. In this course, follow along with Joe Brady as he takes you through the basics of color management for photography, design, and the web. First, you’ll learn about the different color spaces (CMYK, ColorMatch, and sRGB) and how they influence your color workflow, and the tools you need to achieve accurate color. Then learn how and why to calibrate your camera and your monitor, configure the color settings in applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite and Aperture, and choose the best printer and paper for your style of artwork. Along the way, Joe takes you into a typical studio setup for lessons on the gear you need for at-home calibration and printing.

Topics include:

  • Understanding color spaces
  • Understanding the color workflow for photography vs. design and web
  • Setting up a digital camera for the best image results
  • Choosing a monitor
  • Calibrating a display using ColorMunki or i1Pro 2
  • Choosing color settings in Photoshop
  • Understanding color workflow in raw processing applications
  • Creating a custom printer profile
  • Soft-proofing images for printing on your own printer and for sending to a lab

Learning Color Management : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 12s
  • Using the exercise files1m 30s
  • Understanding color spaces6m
  • Ensuring that you have the best possible image at capture4m 25s
  • Understanding tools required for color management5m 8s
  • Exploring what happens without color management3m 5s
  • Understanding the basics of color workflow for photographers1m 48s
  • Understanding the basics of color workflow for design and the web3m 12s
  • Setting up a digital camera for the best image file3m 56s
  • Exploring the benefits of custom camera profiles5m 47s
  • Choosing a monitor, the window to the digital world2m 28s
  • Understanding why you can't trust your eyes2m 30s
  • Calibrating a display using ColorMunki Display6m 42s
  • Calibrating a display using i1Pro 24m 26s
  • Understanding and choosing color settings in Photoshop3m 26s
  • Understanding color workflow in raw applications, including Lightroom, Aperture, and Capture NX2m 50s
  • Setting color standards for the Adobe Creative Suite3m 14s
  • Choosing the best printer4m 37s
  • Exploring the benefits of custom printer profiles3m 29s
  • Comparing factory printer profiles to real-world printer profiles5m 31s
  • Creating a printer profile with ColorMunki Photo5m 45s
  • Creating a printer profile with i1Pro5m 13s
  • Understanding color gamut and rendering intents3m 20s
  • Soft proofing images in Photoshop6m 18s
  • Getting prints that match the image in the soft proof3m 4s
  • Soft proofing for lab printing and for the web3m 41s
  • Soft proofing in Lightroom and other raw processing applications6m 16s
  • Choosing the right fine-art paper7m
  • Next steps2m 44s

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