Learning Auria Pro

Learning Auria Pro

Learning Auria Pro is an Beginner level study on Audio + Music, crafted by the creator, Garrick Chow. This study is a critical pillar for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Audio + Music expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Audio + Music, DAWs, iPad Music Production, Photography, Mastering, Mixing, Music Production, Recording Techniques, Plugin, Auria Pro, Audio + Music, DAWs, iPad Music Production, Photography, Mastering, Mixing, Music Production, Recording Techniques, Plugin and Auria Pro.

Free Download - Learning Auria Pro
Author Garrick Chow
Publish Date 2/12/2016
Skill Beginner
Duration 3h 2m
Topic Audio + Music
Video Tutorials 40
Last Update 3/15/2016

Auria Pro is a professional-level digital audio workstation designed exclusively for the iPad, creating a powerful and portable recording studio.

In this course, author Garrick Chow demonstrates the essential features of Auria Pro for the iPad. He starts by exploring the interface, including the Mix and Edit windows, and the hardware you’ll need to get audio into Auria Pro. He then demonstrates how to record into Auria Pro—using musicians in a real recording session. He records a single track (acoustic guitar) and demos simultaneous multitrack recording. Then he shows how to edit the performances, and mix down and master the recording. Garrick closes with an explanation of how to create snapshots of your work, and back up and share music with Auria’s extensive export options.

Topics include:

  • Creating a new project
  • Importing audio
  • Recording a track
  • Recording multiple tracks simultaneously
  • Overdubbing
  • Recording MIDI
  • Selecting and trimming regions
  • Editing MIDI
  • Warping audio and stretching time
  • Fading in and out
  • Mixing tracks
  • Saving and exporting tracks

Learning Auria Pro : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 6s
  • What you need to know before watching this course1m 8s
  • Using the exercise files53s
  • Explore the interface9m 28s
  • Understand the file management system1m 36s
  • Create a new project1m 35s
  • Import audio2m 4s
  • Use external audio input hardware3m 3s
  • Set up the audio chain3m 53s
  • Record a track5m 4s
  • Multitrack recording4m 15s
  • Simultaneous multitrack recording5m 43s
  • Use Auto-punch5m 27s
  • Overdub a track6m 54s
  • Bounce tracks5m 24s
  • Record MIDI tracks7m 51s
  • Select regions6m 12s
  • Trim regions and add fades7m 6s
  • Edit with Cut, Copy, and Paste5m 5s
  • Split and separate regions2m 12s
  • Additional editing tools5m 14s
  • Editing MIDI with the Piano Roll Editor9m 31s
  • Time stretching4m 28s
  • Audio warping5m 40s
  • Crossfade regions6m 21s
  • Understand destructive processing options7m 17s
  • Work with the PSP ChannelStrip10m 21s
  • Use inserts and plugins7m 50s
  • Basic mixing4m 28s
  • Group faders2m 33s
  • Create subgroups3m 42s
  • Use auxiliaries5m 13s
  • Use automation10m 19s
  • Understand the master channel3m 10s
  • Create snapshots2m 32s
  • Export your project4m 8s
  • Save and manage your projects with Dropbox2m 26s
  • What's next?53s

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