Learning Adobe Spark Post

Learning Adobe Spark Post

Learning Adobe Spark Post is an Intermediate level tutorial on Business, created by the creator, Nicte Cuevas. This tutorial is an essential foundation for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Business skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Small Business Marketing, Design, Marketing, Page Layout, Photography, Design Business, Sharing Photos, Social Media Marketing, Adobe Spark, Business, Small Business Marketing, Design, Marketing, Page Layout, Photography, Design Business, Sharing Photos, Social Media Marketing and Adobe Spark.

Free Download - Learning Adobe Spark Post
Author Nicte Cuevas
Publish Date 10/15/2018
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 38m
Topic Adobe Spark
Video Tutorials 32
Last Update 4/7/2020

Spark Post—the easy-to-use graphic design software from Adobe—empowers users to create stylish, effective social media posts. Even if you’re a graphic design novice, Spark Post can help you quickly create images that allow you to connect with—and grow—your brand’s audience. In this course, learn how to get started with Adobe Spark Post. In addition to covering the basics—such as how to create layouts and add text— instructor Nicte Cuevas explains how to leverage this tool in a way that’s intentional. Learn how to use imagery that resonates with your target audience and works with your layout; how to use your brand’s colors in a way that creates an emotional connection; how to create branded templates that can save you time and money; and more.

Topics include:

  • Creating a new post
  • Adding icons and photography
  • Defining the goals of your design
  • Saving time with branded templates
  • Using color to create emotion
  • Using type and color to capture attention
  • Best practices for pairing fonts

Learning Adobe Spark Post : Video Lessons

  • Adobe Spark Post1m 11s
  • Three flavors of Adobe Spark1m 9s
  • Who is Adobe Spark Post for?1m 19s
  • How to create a new Post2m
  • Adding icons and photography4m 10s
  • Using the Design feature5m 30s
  • Standard and premium templates1m 9s
  • Using the palettes3m 39s
  • How to resize posts3m 41s
  • Layout tool4m 32s
  • Type animations1m 13s
  • Duplicating your Posts and naming files1m 18s
  • Setting up your brand on Post premium4m 26s
  • New interface 2020 updates2m 1s
  • Using Adobe Fonts for premium users1m 19s
  • Use folders on the desktop app1m 3s
  • Add Giphy stickers40s
  • Invite others to collaborate54s
  • Share a remixable template40s
  • Enhancing your photos inside the app54s
  • Defining the goals of your design3m 18s
  • The benefits of a defined composition5m 23s
  • Visual hierarchy in your copy5m 41s
  • Saving time with branded templates7m 59s
  • Captivating viewers with photography4m 20s
  • How to use color to create emotion6m 17s
  • Best practices to using the Palette tool5m 58s
  • Color and type3m 33s
  • The power of font legibility4m 21s
  • Font pairing best practices2m 15s
  • Get creative with the type tools6m 18s
  • Next steps47s

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