Leading with Fearless Mindfulness

Leading with Fearless Mindfulness

Leading with Fearless Mindfulness is an Beginner level tutorial on Business, crafted by an expert, genConnectU. This tutorial is an important step for a person who needs to get better at his/her Business skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Leadership, Business and Leadership.

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Author genConnectU
Publish Date 2/5/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 53m 5s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 32
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Be a leader that can rise to challenges. Captain Sandra Yawn is a world-renowned captain with over 28 years of experience. Yawn’s love of the ocean propelled her to achieve in a male-dominated industry. In this course, Captain Yawn tells her personal stories and defines the qualities that make up a great captain and overall leader. Discover how to hire and manage teams and how to delegate tasks. Sandy encourages you to create a strong leadership framework so that you can find solutions to the most difficult problems and situations that arise—and understand how to navigate clients to ensure top-level customer service while maintaining your cool. As an exciting bonus element to the course, you can learn about Sandy’s favorite destinations and her go-to travel advice.

This course was created by genconnectU. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

Topics include:

  • Qualities of a great captain
  • Hiring your team
  • Keeping a winning mindset
  • Managing meetings
  • Identifying problems and solutions
  • Providing meaningful training
  • Navigating the client
  • Finding balance and grounding
  • Giving back

Leading with Fearless Mindfulness : Video Lessons

  • Introduction to Captain Sandy Yawn1m 49s
  • My story1m 55s
  • Qualities of a captain: "Assistance Not Resistance"1m 31s
  • Essentials in an employee: The right attitude2m 10s
  • Teachable moments: Fired and rehired three times!2m 8s
  • Teachable moments: Customer service matters1m 36s
  • Teachable moments: Willingness and attitude2m 31s
  • Delegating: Letting go and trusting3m 50s
  • Winning mindset: Bring in the fun factor1m 20s
  • Tip sheet: Keep a Winning Mindset! (Downloadable PDF)1m 4s
  • Inheriting your team2m 24s
  • Meeting management1m 43s
  • No tolerance versus teachable moments49s
  • Fire at the Red Sea: Identifying the problems3m 7s
  • Fire at the Red Sea: Finding the solutions1m 28s
  • Managing stress and delegating2m 7s
  • Problem solving12s
  • When the client Is difficult, have the courage to have the conversation4m 31s
  • Setting expectations of your team2m 29s
  • Navigating your client: Communication is key2m 8s
  • Daily practices to ignite positive attitudes1m 23s
  • Travel advice and chartering1m 46s
  • Ways to plug in after a big job1m 34s
  • Aspirations to legacy1m 14s
  • Finding balance, regardless of your career1m 12s
  • I am Captain Sandy; who are you?1m 30s
  • "Each One, Teach One"1m 17s
  • Flexibility and following your passion1m 40s
  • Epilogue37s

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