Journey Mapping: Case Study in Action

Journey Mapping: Case Study in Action

Journey Mapping: Case Study in Action is an Advanced level course on Business, created by the author, Jeannie Walters. This course is an important step for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Business skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Business Skills, Marketing, Business, Business Skills and Marketing.

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Author Jeannie Walters
Publish Date 2/27/2020
Skill Advanced
Duration 47m 11s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 18
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Customer journey maps can be a powerful tool for businesses, offering a clear view into the customer’s true experience with a brand, service, or product. In this practical sequel to the introductory course, instructor Jeannie Walters walks through creating an actual customer journey map from start to finish. Jeannie covers each step, including setting goals, gathering data, facilitating a journey mapping workshop, interviewing customers to validate the map, and more. Along the way, she offers plenty of tips and techniques to help focus the process and move your team toward an actionable goal. The course wraps up with ideas for presenting and sharing the completed map, leveraging the findings, and other ways to use this important tool.

Topics include:

  • What is journey mapping?
  • How are journey maps used?
  • Journey mapping case study
  • Steps to the process
  • Setting goals
  • Involving the team
  • Defining our customer
  • Drafting the journey
  • Reviewing data
  • Interviewing customers
  • Delivering, sharing, and using the map

Journey Mapping: Case Study in Action : Video Lessons

  • Customer journey mapping as a tool1m 12s
  • What is customer journey mapping?1m 21s
  • How are customer journey maps used?1m 25s
  • Customer journey mapping with Red301m 21s
  • Setting customer journey mapping goals2m 28s
  • Building a customer journey mapping team4m
  • Defining a customer persona2m 59s
  • How to approach customer journey mapping3m 43s
  • Reviewing data for customer journey mapping2m 50s
  • Inside-out customer journey mapping workshop4m 33s
  • Identifying moments of truth2m 58s
  • Interviewing frontline employees2m 28s
  • Getting customers involved in the journey map3m 57s
  • Conducting customer interviews2m 24s
  • Customer observation work2m 15s
  • Finalizing and designing the customer journey map2m 36s
  • Sharing the customer journey map3m 1s
  • The customer journey map as a living document1m 40s

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