Job Interview Strategies for UX Designers

Job Interview Strategies for UX Designers

Job Interview Strategies for UX Designers is an Beginner level study on Web, produced by the creator, Diane Cronenwett. This study is an essential pillar for a person who needs to get better at his/her Web talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Web, User Experience, Web and User Experience.

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Author Diane Cronenwett
Publish Date 12/7/2018
Skill Beginner
Duration 45m 40s
Topic User Experience
Video Tutorials 21
Last Update N/A

UX design job interviews evaluate a candidate’s creative aptitude and talent for design thinking. As a result, they often contain elements (whiteboarding exercises, portfolio reviews, and so on) that distinguish them from more traditional job interviews. In this course, learn what to expect in your next UX design job interview and how to approach each stage with confidence. Throughout the course, instructor Diane Cronenwett shares her insights as both a designer and hiring design manager, walking you through each step of the interview process. Diane explains how to prepare for each facet of your interview, from the prescreen process to the post-interview check-in with your recruiter. Plus, review common interview questions, learn about the key elements of a UX design exercise, and more.

Topics include:

  • Different UX career options
  • Acing your phone interview with the hiring manager
  • Tackling a design exercise
  • Tips for presenting your portfolio
  • How to approach a whiteboarding exercise
  • Interviewing with a design teammate and the product manager
  • Evaluating the offer

Job Interview Strategies for UX Designers : Video Lessons

  • UX design interviews are different1m 1s
  • UX career options2m 59s
  • The UX interview process1m 17s
  • Recruiters and referrals3m 27s
  • Recruiter prescreen2m 45s
  • Manager phone interview2m 26s
  • Design exercise2m 7s
  • Research the company1m 46s
  • Research the team1m 52s
  • Common interview questions3m 55s
  • Learning break2m 57s
  • Portfolio presentation2m 8s
  • Tips for presenting your portfolio3m 58s
  • Whiteboarding exercise2m 28s
  • Design teammate interview2m 41s
  • Product manager interview2m 5s
  • Engineer interview1m 7s
  • Hiring manager interview1m 8s
  • Recruiter check-in1m 42s
  • Evaluating the offer1m 3s
  • Applying for the next job48s

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