JavaScript Essential Training

JavaScript Essential Training

JavaScript Essential Training is an Beginner level study on Developer, produced by the author, Morten Rand-Hendriksen. This study is an essential step for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Developer skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Developer, Web, Web Development, JavaScript, Developer, Web, Web Development and JavaScript.

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Author Morten Rand-Hendriksen
Publish Date 5/17/2017
Skill Beginner
Duration 5h 32m
Topic Developer
Video Tutorials 81
Last Update 4/1/2019

JavaScript is a scripting language of the web. As the web evolves from a static to a dynamic environment, technology focus is shifting from static markup and styling—frequently handled by content management systems or automated scripts—to dynamic interfaces and advanced interaction. Once seen as optional, JavaScript is now becoming an integral part of the web, infusing every layer with its script.

Through practical examples and mini-projects, this course helps you build your understanding of JavaScript piece by piece, from core principles like variables, data types, conditionals, and functions through advanced topics including loops, closures, and DOM scripting. Along the way, you will also be introduced to some ES6 and the basics of JavaScript libraries.

Topics include:

  • What is JavaScript?
  • Working with data
  • Using functions and objects
  • Working with JavaScript and the DOM
  • Changing DOM elements
  • Handling events
  • Working with loops
  • Making images responsive using markup
  • Troubleshooting code
  • Validating functionality
  • Minifying JavaScript

JavaScript Essential Training : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 7s
  • How to use the exercise files1m 39s
  • What is JavaScript?2m 38s
  • How does JavaScript relate to Java?2m
  • Navigating the JavaScript landscape3m 49s
  • Tools for JavaScript development2m 23s
  • Introducing the browser console10m 31s
  • Add inline JavaScript to a HTML document4m 47s
  • Add JavaScript in an external file4m 57s
  • How to write JavaScript: A crash course4m 24s
  • Variables: The catch-all containers of JavaScript6m 11s
  • Data types in JavaScript4m 2s
  • Arithmetic operators and math4m 13s
  • Working with strings and numbers2m 37s
  • Conditional statements and logic5m 42s
  • Advanced conditions and logic3m 27s
  • Arrays2m 20s
  • Properties and methods in arrays7m 56s
  • Functions in JavaScript3m 28s
  • Build a basic function3m 29s
  • Add arguments to the function2m 30s
  • Return values from a function3m 54s
  • Anonymous functions5m 11s
  • Immediately invoked functional expressions4m 14s
  • Variable scope3m 17s
  • ES2015: let and const6m 12s
  • Make sense of objects3m 19s
  • Object constructors6m 16s
  • Sidebar: Dot and bracket notation2m 44s
  • Closures8m 11s
  • DOM: The document object model4m
  • Target elements in the DOM with querySelector methods5m 52s
  • Access and change elements4m 33s
  • Access and change classes3m 45s
  • Access and change attributes4m 53s
  • Add DOM elements6m 56s
  • Apply inline CSS to an element6m 32s
  • Create an analog clock: Project breakdown1m 9s
  • Use CSS to move clock hands3m 49s
  • Use JavaScript to move clock hands2m 13s
  • Get the current hour, minute, and second with the Date() object1m 33s
  • Show the current time using fancy math4m 51s
  • Make the clock move forward second by second3m 25s
  • Solve the pesky "return to zero" problem5m 18s
  • What are DOM events?1m 31s
  • Some typical DOM events1m 59s
  • Trigger functions with event handlers5m 15s
  • Add and use event listeners6m 51s
  • Pass arguments via event listeners4m 30s
  • Rundown of HTML markup2m 58s
  • Use event listeners to detect typing4m 27s
  • Build a count-up timer5m 56s
  • Build a helper function for leading zeros3m 18s
  • Detect spelling errors by matching strings3m 58s
  • Stop the timer when the test is done3m 42s
  • Add a reset button5m 3s
  • Loops3m 37s
  • Looping through arrays4m 7s
  • Break and continue loops7m 9s
  • Project breakdown1m 55s
  • Rundown of project setup3m 26s
  • Loop through all images in the document3m 51s
  • Create function to generate srcset value4m 47s
  • Create object containing different sizes values4m 34s
  • Update img markup with srcset and sizes attributes2m 24s
  • JavaScript validation and troubleshooting1m 30s
  • Troubleshooting JavaScript7m 20s
  • Send troubleshooting info to the console7m 42s
  • Step through your JavaScript with browser tools5m 55s
  • Online script linting5m 57s
  • Automate script linting8m 24s
  • Online script minification2m 50s
  • Automate script minification2m 24s
  • What are arrow functions?3m 11s
  • What do I learn first? JavaScript? TypeScript?5m 5s
  • How do I write strings in ES2015?2m 31s
  • What does the % symbol do?3m 47s
  • Why use the querySelector() and querySelectorAll() methods?2m 48s
  • Next Steps1m 55s

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