iTunes U for Course Management

iTunes U for Course Management

iTunes U for Course Management is an Beginner level tutorial on Business, written by the author, Sean Colins. This tutorial is a critical base for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Business talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Business, Higher Education, Education + Elearning, Elearning, iTunes University, Business, Higher Education, Education + Elearning, Elearning and iTunes University.

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Author Sean Colins
Publish Date 12/13/2016
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 59m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 44
Last Update N/A

iTunes U helps instructors manage content for students and deliver that content directly to mobile devices to make the course materials more accessible. It’s a content management system, learning management system, grade book, course outline manager, discussion system, private messaging system, and more. This course explores how to manage an iTunes U account, including installing it and creating, distributing, and updating course content. In addition, see how students using iTunes U can interact with instructors to hand in homework, annotate PDFs, and even review grades.

Topics include:

  • Installing and setting up iTunes U
  • Creating and defining your course
  • Importing course materials
  • Enrolling students in your course
  • Inviting course contributors
  • Interacting with students
  • Reviewing and grading assignments

iTunes U for Course Management : Video Lessons

  • Welcome56s
  • What is iTunes U?1m 44s
  • Requirements for using iTunes U4m 24s
  • Overview of iTunes U features4m 14s
  • Initial setup from Course Manager3m 26s
  • Initial setup from iPad5m 42s
  • Initial setup from iPhone2m 26s
  • Create and define your course7m 10s
  • Create your course outline3m 39s
  • Import instructor materials5m 27s
  • Import course materials4m 43s
  • Create assignments with a due date3m 13s
  • Attach a PDF to an assignment3m 4s
  • Attach an audio file to an assignment2m 10s
  • Attach a web link to an assignment1m 35s
  • Attach a book to an assignment2m 9s
  • Attach an iTunes link to an assignment2m 57s
  • Add RSS materials3m 3s
  • Add podcasts2m 4s
  • Invite yourself to preview the course1m 52s
  • Preview your course from an iPad2m 14s
  • Use administrative features on an iPad3m 52s
  • Enroll students in your course3m 18s
  • Invite a course contributor3m 17s
  • Duplicate, transfer, or delete a course4m 3s
  • Enroll in a course2m 15s
  • Review the course outline and schedule2m 37s
  • Take notes in videos in iTunes U2m 48s
  • Annotate PDFs in iTunes U2m 58s
  • Take notes in audio assignments4m 16s
  • Integrate iTunes U and iBooks notes2m 23s
  • Start an assignment discussion1m 59s
  • Review your grade results46s
  • Student iPhone experience3m 41s
  • Hand in a homework assignment1m 25s
  • Accept students into your course1m 11s
  • Start a course discussion as an instructor1m 58s
  • Respond to a private question58s
  • Review and grade submitted assignments1m 21s
  • Respond in a student's course discussion2m 7s
  • Tabulate final grades2m 15s
  • Next steps1m 26s

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