iPhone and iPad Photography with iOS 13

iPhone and iPad Photography with iOS 13

iPhone and iPad Photography with iOS 13 is an Intermediate level course on Business, created by an expert, Seán Duggan. This course is a critical pillar for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Business expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Photography, iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS.

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Author Seán Duggan
Publish Date 1/29/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 4m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 46
Last Update N/A

Discover the powerful array of tools, features, and functionality for photographers inside iOS 13 on iPad and iPhone. Instructor Sean Duggan covers how to use the basic camera controls before moving on to more advanced features, including night mode, slow motion, and time-lapse. Sean also discusses photo editing, organizing, and sharing.

Topics include:

  • Using basic camera controls
  • Optical zoom versus digital zoom
  • Using night mode
  • Shooting slow motion and time-lapse video
  • Organizing with the photo app
  • Creating and editing albums
  • Cropping, rotating, and straightening photos
  • Editing videos
  • Revealing video captured outside the frame
  • Sharing and transferring photos
  • Managing shared albums

iPhone and iPad Photography with iOS 13 : Video Lessons

  • Up your photo game with your iOS device1m 10s
  • What you should know1m 17s
  • Basic camera controls, part 15m 51s
  • Basic camera controls, part 26m 29s
  • Optical zoom vs. digital zoom4m 12s
  • Adjust exposure5m 5s
  • Shoot in high dynamic range (HDR)5m 18s
  • Portrait and Portrait Lighting mode5m 2s
  • Night mode4m 20s
  • Shooting panoramas4m 18s
  • Burst mode5m
  • Video settings5m 21s
  • Shoot a video4m 12s
  • Shoot a slow-motion video3m 10s
  • Shoot a timelapse video3m 14s
  • Organize photos4m 52s
  • The albums view4m 22s
  • How albums work3m 26s
  • Create and edit your own albums6m 26s
  • Set up the People album4m 38s
  • Manage the People album6m 40s
  • The Places album2m 24s
  • Deleting and hiding photos5m 35s
  • Search for photos4m 27s
  • What is "For You"4m 4s
  • Creating your own memories5m 53s
  • Crop, rotate, and straighten photos5m 16s
  • Crop with Capture Outside the Frame4m 47s
  • Adjustments for light and contrast4m 24s
  • Adjustments for color and saturation4m 23s
  • Adjustments for detail4m 36s
  • Live Photos: Trim and set the Key Photo3m 55s
  • Live Photos: Motion effects3m 50s
  • Use photo extensions to edit with other apps4m 25s
  • Edit a video4m 51s
  • Reveal video captured outside the frame2m 16s
  • Share images with the Photos app4m 22s
  • Transfer photos with AirDrop5m 42s
  • Create shared albums with iCloud5m 15s
  • Manage shared albums2m 58s
  • iCloud Photos5m 35s
  • Next steps1m 28s

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