iPhone and iPad Photography for iOS 11

iPhone and iPad Photography for iOS 11

iPhone and iPad Photography for iOS 11 is an Intermediate level course on Business, compiled by an expert, Seán Duggan. This course is an essential foundation for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Business skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Photography, iPhone, iPod, iPad, iOS, Business, Photography, iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS.

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Author Seán Duggan
Publish Date 11/30/2017
Skill Intermediate
Duration 3h 22m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 37
Last Update N/A

The iPhone and iPad are part of many photographers’ toolkits. Knowing how to use the latest operating system is critical to getting the best photos from your device. In this course, instructor Seán Duggan zooms in on the photography features of iOS 11. He covers how to use the Camera app to adjust exposure, shoot in HDR, capture panoramas, and create slow-motion and time-lapse videos. He also shows how photos are organized in iOS 11, and explains how to use people recognition, Memories, and advanced search features. Then discover how to apply nondestructive edits right on your phone, and access other editing tools from within the Photos app. Finally, Seán shows how to share and sync images with iCloud and iTunes, and transfer images to different iOS devices or your computer with AirDrop.

Topics include:

  • Shooting panorama photos
  • Creating slow-motion videos
  • Taking time-lapse videos
  • Organizing photos
  • Image editing with the Photos app
  • Previewing and trimming videos
  • Sharing photos
  • Transferring photos to and from your device

iPhone and iPad Photography for iOS 11 : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 19s
  • New and changed photo features in iOS 117m 1s
  • The HIEF file format4m
  • Basic camera controls6m 26s
  • Adjust exposure3m 21s
  • Shoot in HDR3m 25s
  • Portrait and Portrait Lighting mode9m 27s
  • Shooting panoramas3m 50s
  • Burst mode4m 10s
  • Shoot a video5m 12s
  • Shoot a slow-motion video3m 17s
  • Shoot a time-lapse video3m 29s
  • Organize photos4m 8s
  • Camera roll2m 56s
  • People album9m 53s
  • Places album2m 3s
  • Favorites and user-defined albums6m 27s
  • Delete and hide photos5m 3s
  • Search for photos6m 41s
  • Memories: Searchability3m 42s
  • Memories: Editing7m 7s
  • Basic photo editing4m 43s
  • Live Photos: Trim and set key photo4m 5s
  • Live Photos: Motion effects5m 11s
  • Smart adjustments: Light6m 50s
  • Smart adjustments: Color and black and white7m 33s
  • Trim a video4m 48s
  • Use photo editing extensions8m 20s
  • Use markup with photos5m 9s
  • Share images with the Photos app4m 10s
  • Transfer photos with AirDrop5m 4s
  • Share photos with iCloud7m 54s
  • My Photo Stream9m 26s
  • Transfer photos with the Files app6m 23s
  • Sync with iTunes8m 8s
  • iCloud Photo Library10m 47s
  • Next steps1m 3s

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