iPad Tips and Tricks

iPad Tips and Tricks

iPad Tips and Tricks is an Intermediate level course on Business, crafted by the creator, Garrick Chow. This course is a critical pillar for a person who needs to excel in his/her Business skills. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Computer Skills (Mac), Photography, iPhone, iPod, iPad, iOS, iPad, Business, Computer Skills (Mac), Photography, iPhone, iPod, iPad, iOS and iPad.

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Author Garrick Chow
Publish Date 7/6/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 2h 1m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 33
Last Update N/A

Discover how to be more productive and have more fun with your iPad. This course covers everything you need to know about gesturing, typing, and syncing files, as well as making the most of iPad when you’re working on the go. Author Garrick Chow explains how to manage apps, configure email accounts, send text messages, and connect to secondary displays. He also shares tips on browsing the web and playing music and video back seamlessly on your iPad.

Topics include:

  • Using iPad-specific gestures
  • Typing tips
  • Syncing media and other files
  • Wireless syncing
  • Receiving and organizing email
  • Chatting with Messages
  • Installing apps
  • Browsing the web
  • Connecting to an external display
  • Using productivity software
  • Playing audio and video files

iPad Tips and Tricks : Video Lessons

  • Welcome55s
  • A tour around the iPad2m 35s
  • Taking advantage of iPad-specific gestures3m 42s
  • Customizing the Lock Rotation/Mute switch3m 9s
  • Setting up cellular connectivity8m 6s
  • Typing tips5m 41s
  • Accessing hidden shortcuts and expanding text3m 35s
  • Adding keyboards2m 45s
  • Using an external keyboard3m 51s
  • Syncing media from your computer8m 8s
  • Wireless syncing1m 31s
  • Using iTunes Match4m 31s
  • Saving files to and from apps via iTunes3m 4s
  • Configuring email accounts6m 26s
  • Composing email5m 38s
  • Receiving and organizing email6m 48s
  • Chatting with Messages3m 35s
  • Downloading and installing apps from the App Store7m 19s
  • Managing apps2m 24s
  • Finding app settings1m 12s
  • Working with tabs2m 32s
  • Using Reader mode, and saving pages to your reading list2m 52s
  • Searching webpages1m 53s
  • Connecting the iPad to an external display5m 41s
  • Using the iPad as an external display2m 48s
  • Touring Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps6m 28s
  • Suggested third-party office and productivity apps4m 39s
  • Preparing audio and video files for the iPad5m 20s
  • Playing video in third-party apps3m 45s
  • Next steps45s

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