iPad Music Production: Inputs Mics and MIDI

iPad Music Production: Inputs Mics and MIDI

iPad Music Production: Inputs Mics and MIDI is an Beginner level study on Audio + Music, crafted by the creator, Garrick Chow. This study is an essential pillar for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Audio + Music skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Audio + Music, iPad Music Production, iPad, Audio + Music, iPad Music Production and iPad.

Free Download - iPad Music Production: Inputs Mics and MIDI
Author Garrick Chow
Publish Date 7/27/2012
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 6m
Topic Audio + Music
Video Tutorials 21
Last Update 7/26/2013

This course shows off the latest techniques and devices for recording live music with the Apple iPad. Author and musician Garrick Chow explores real-world recording scenarios, including the iPad’s built-in input options (and why to avoid them), and shares alternative methods of getting your audio in and out of the iPad. The course covers instrument input devices like the Apogee Jam and Alesis iO Dock, compares microphones, and shows how to connect and play MIDI devices through the iPad.

iPad Music Production: Inputs Mics and MIDI : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 27s
  • Understanding the built-in audio options1m 39s
  • Essential accessories3m 36s
  • The importance of airplane mode2m 2s
  • The iRig from IK Multimedia3m 15s
  • JAM by Apogee2m 45s
  • The Tascam iXZ2m 50s
  • The iO Dock from Alesis8m 47s
  • The Fender Mustang amp3m 29s
  • The StudioConnect by Griffin (NEW)2m 42s
  • The Quartet by Apogee (NEW)4m 35s
  • The iRig Mic by IK Multimedia2m 6s
  • The Tascam iM23m 49s
  • The Meteor and USB mics by Samson3m 36s
  • The MIC by Apogee (NEW)1m 41s
  • The Spark Digital from Blue Microphones3m 52s
  • Connecting MIDI keyboards2m 42s
  • The iRig MIDI interface by IK Multimedia2m 37s
  • The Mobile Keys controllers from Line 62m 9s
  • Importing and exporting audio files5m 46s
  • Next steps43s

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