InVision Essential Training: Studio

InVision Essential Training: Studio

InVision Essential Training: Studio is an Beginner level study on CAD, produced by an expert, Drew Bridewell. This study is an essential step for an individual who needs to get better at his/her CAD skills. It gives you a thorough grip on CAD, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Web, User Experience, InVision, CAD, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Web, User Experience and InVision.

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Author Drew Bridewell
Publish Date 9/19/2018
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 16m
Topic CAD
Video Tutorials 40
Last Update N/A

InVision Studio—a powerful tool for comprehensive screen-based design projects—was built to meet the demands of the modern product lifecycle. Studio offers features that allow designers to collaborate with their teammates and tackle design, animation, and prototyping, all in one solution.

In this course, learn the fundamentals of this powerful tool. Instructor Drew Bridewell covers the basics of the Studio interface and shares best practices for transitioning from Sketch to Studio. Learn how to leverage the product’s vector-based drawing features, add and edit animations and components, work on responsive designs, share and collaborate on projects, and much more.

Topics include:

  • Navigating the interface
  • Best practices for importing from Sketch
  • Drawing, editing, and formatting shapes
  • Managing layers
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Advanced animation
  • Percentage-based scaling
  • Creating, adding, and editing components
  • Sharing and presenting your work

InVision Essential Training: Studio : Video Lessons

  • Design, prototype, and animate all with InVision Studio1m 11s
  • Keeping up with InVision Studio43s
  • Ongoing updates, resources, and handouts2m
  • The welcome window1m 19s
  • The anatomy of a document1m 27s
  • A tour of the interface3m 56s
  • Saving Studio files2m 9s
  • Importing from Sketch to InVision Studio2m 26s
  • Copy and paste from Sketch to Studio1m 30s
  • Best practices for importing from Sketch1m 19s
  • Adding and editing text layers2m 8s
  • Drawing, editing, and formatting shapes3m 8s
  • Managing layers2m 21s
  • Using Boolean operations5m 8s
  • Masking layers2m 5s
  • Linking screens1m 58s
  • Previewing your prototype2m 31s
  • Using the Motion transition4m 27s
  • Editing animations with the transition editor6m
  • Linking layers with the transition editor5m 37s
  • Creating, adding, and editing components4m 24s
  • Component overrides2m 54s
  • Additional tips with components1m 43s
  • Pinning elements3m 22s
  • Percentage-based scaling1m
  • Toggling between different devices2m 10s
  • Making layers exportable1m 17s
  • Synching, presenting, and sharing3m 26s
  • Mirroring to a device56s
  • Next steps1m 43s

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