Introduction to Employee Relations (UK)

Introduction to Employee Relations (UK)

Introduction to Employee Relations (UK) is an Appropriate for all level study on Business, written by the author, Perry Timms. This study is a critical base for a person who needs to get better at his/her Business expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Business, Business Skills, Marketing, Management, Business, Business Skills, Marketing and Management.

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Author Perry Timms
Publish Date 3/20/2020
Skill Appropriate for all
Duration 51m 21s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 14
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Managing the relationship between an organisation and its people is essential to providing fair and practical outcomes for both sides. But in the era of digital and automated work, employee relations is in need of a refresh. This course provides an introduction to employee relations for the 21st century—the techniques and tools for creating stronger, more effective representation for workers in all industries. Instructor Perry Timms describes the rights and protections of workers and the tools that employees have at their disposal for representation and negotiation, from collective bargaining to arbitration. He also explores the importance of a strong psychological contract between employees and organisations, buoyed by diversity, inclusion, well-being, and engagement. Finally, explore essential skills for managing employee relations, including working with union reps, handling conflict, and representing the organisation professionally in disciplinary situations.

Note: This course is the first in a LinkedIn Learning series aligned with the “People Practice” core knowledge area of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Introduction to Employee Relations (UK) : Video Lessons

  • The meaning of employee relations56s
  • A short history of employee relations and representation4m 1s
  • Fairness and inclusion at work4m 20s
  • Employment law and legislation4m 4s
  • Collective bargaining and action4m 27s
  • Collaboration and negotiation3m 51s
  • Workplace arbitration and dispute resolution4m 27s
  • The psychological contract3m 26s
  • Engagement and formal representation3m 49s
  • Employee voice and influence3m 25s
  • Working with employee and union representatives3m 16s
  • Conflict management skills3m 6s
  • Conduct and discipline protocols4m 26s
  • The future of employee relations3m 47s

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