Interaction Design: Structure

Interaction Design: Structure

Interaction Design: Structure is an Intermediate level study on Web, written by the author, Diane Cronenwett. This study is a critical base for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Web skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Interaction Design, Web, User Experience, Sketch, Interaction Design, Web, User Experience and Sketch.

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Author Diane Cronenwett
Publish Date 7/29/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 40m 54s
Topic Interaction Design
Video Tutorials 19
Last Update N/A

Before UX designers can move on to anything else, they must think holistically about the structure of their project, determining how every element—no matter how small—fits into the overall experience. In this course, Diane Cronenwett delves into the role of structure in interaction design. Diane explains how the process of defining a project’s structure helps designers see the big picture (and organize project elements in a more thoughtful way). She goes over when to use flow diagrams in UX design projects, as well as how to create information architecture deliverables. Plus, learn how to design page-level structure, organize projects with a grid, determine the right interface elements needed put everything together, and more.

Topics include:

  • The role of information architecture in UX design
  • Navigation labels and content inventory
  • Information density in interface design
  • Setting up and using a grid system
  • Establishing the goals of a site
  • Creating flow diagrams
  • Iterating through multiple layouts

Interaction Design: Structure : Video Lessons

  • Structure is the backbone of UX48s
  • Understanding the big picture2m 2s
  • Defining different structural flows4m 9s
  • Role of information architecture3m 14s
  • Defining information architecture2m 19s
  • Navigation labels and content inventory2m 42s
  • Information scent and hierarchy2m 8s
  • Overview of page-level elements3m 33s
  • Overview of information density3m 39s
  • Organizing with a grid2m 27s
  • Sitemap and flow diagram1m 18s
  • Establishing the goals of the site2m 24s
  • Layout, hierarchy, and grouping3m 8s
  • Headings and content2m 45s
  • Iterating through layouts2m 37s
  • Determining the right interface elements to put it all together1m 13s
  • Next steps28s

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