Interaction Design: Flow

Interaction Design: Flow

Interaction Design: Flow is an Advanced level course on CAD, crafted by the creator, Diane Cronenwett. This course is an essential base for an individual who needs to excel in his/her CAD expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on CAD, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Web, User Experience, Sketch, CAD, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Web, User Experience and Sketch.

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Author Diane Cronenwett
Publish Date 3/10/2020
Skill Advanced
Duration 29m 48s
Topic CAD
Video Tutorials 13
Last Update N/A

Explore ways to create and use flow maps: diagrams of the steps users will complete in an experience. Instructor Diane Cronenwett discusses how flow relates to creating great user experiences and outlines the role of technology in designing flow. She demonstrates how diagrams communicate underlying system logic and conditions to produce an effective user experience. Diane covers the ways designing a flow takes into account various entry points, exits, and conditional states a user might encounter while using a product interface. Plus, learn the steps to crafting effective diagrams to map user flow.

Topics include:

  • Flow in interaction design
  • Defining a user’s flow
  • Defining interaction models
  • The role of conditional logic
  • Why use diagrams?
  • Diagrams in the design process
  • Components of a flow diagram
  • Creating a flow map
  • Identifying key tasks and activities

Interaction Design: Flow : Video Lessons

  • The power of flow in interaction design55s
  • Defining a user's flow3m 20s
  • Defining interaction models3m 9s
  • The role of conditional logic2m 29s
  • Why use diagrams?2m 54s
  • Diagrams in the design process2m 30s
  • Flow and process diagrams2m 54s
  • Components of a flow diagram2m 57s
  • Creating a flow map1m 52s
  • Identifying key tasks and activities2m 35s
  • Constructing the flow1m 47s
  • Designing the screens1m 41s
  • Mastering flow in UX45s

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