Insights on Photojournalism

Insights on Photojournalism

Insights on Photojournalism is an Beginner level study on Photography, written by the author, Paul Taggart. This study is a critical step for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Photography skills. It provides you a strong understanding on Cameras + Gear, Photography, Portraits, Cameras + Gear, Photography and Portraits.

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Author Paul Taggart
Publish Date 7/26/2013
Skill Beginner
Duration 26m 17s
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 8
Last Update N/A

Paul Taggart, whose work has appeared in publications such the New York Times and National Geographic, has photographed dozens of photo essays—from stories of civil unrest in faraway lands to a kid’s first camping trip. Here, he discusses the key concepts behind great photojournalism: the types of photos that make up a photo essay, the research and planning that goes into shooting one, and the art of sequencing the final shots in a way that tells the story. He also talks about the prospects for storytellers in the Internet age, and shows examples of photo essays that he has shot for major magazines and for his own personal projects.

Insights on Photojournalism : Video Lessons

  • Meet Paul Taggart4m 28s
  • Photography versus photojournalism4m 32s
  • Planning a photo story1m 46s
  • Sequencing photos to tell a story1m 39s
  • The importance (and unimportance) of gear4m 24s
  • Being a storyteller in the Internet age3m 20s
  • A sampling of photo stories3m 43s
  • Stories are all around you2m 25s

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