Inkjet Printing for Photographers

Inkjet Printing for Photographers

Inkjet Printing for Photographers is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, crafted by an expert, Ben Long. This tutorial is a critical step for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Photography expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Cameras + Gear, Photography, Printing Photos, Photoshop, Cameras + Gear, Photography, Printing Photos and Photoshop.

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Author Ben Long
Publish Date 9/14/2012
Skill Intermediate
Duration 6h 41m
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 76
Last Update 2/12/2018

In this course, photographer and author Ben Long explores the art and the craft of creating beautiful, archival-quality inkjet prints. The course looks at the anatomy of a print job: how a printer works, how to adjust and prepare your image to get the best results, and what happens to your photo in its journey from pixels to paper.

After a discussion of how to choose a printer, the course covers the process of preparing both black and white and color images using Adobe Photoshop. Ben describes how to take images from looking good onscreen to being properly adjusted for best results on paper, covering details such as sizing, sharpening, and color management.

With photographer and master framer Konrad Eek, Ben explores the creative decisions that photographers should address before printing. What size print? How does print size relate to the message of the photo and to the space where the photo will be displayed? What kinds of paper choices do you have, and how does your photo’s content relate to the paper you choose?

The course also describes how to properly evaluate a print and how to handle common challenges that crop up during the printing process.

Topics include:

  • Why print with inkjet?
  • Types of inkjet printers: dyes versus pigments
  • Making image adjustments specifically for printing
  • Printing black-and-white photos
  • Resizing an image
  • Choosing paper
  • Working with sharpening and noise reduction
  • Color management

Inkjet Printing for Photographers : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 47s
  • Exploring why we print4m 3s
  • Understanding what you need for this course3m 25s
  • What's new in the update1m 30s
  • Why inkjet printing?4m 36s
  • Understanding ink types: Dye vs. pigment4m 26s
  • Discussing considerations for black and white1m 48s
  • Reviewing the features2m 39s
  • Printing and your workflow3m 3s
  • Printing black-and-white photos6m 49s
  • Understanding the histogram7m 37s
  • Understanding what localized adjustments are used for2m 38s
  • Explaining the histogram with a practical example6m 51s
  • Making a localized adjustment in a practical example5m 30s
  • Evaluating a localized adjustment in a practical example2m 29s
  • Refining a localized adjustment for effect13m 36s
  • Making a gradient adjustment6m 47s
  • Paying attention to viewing conditions4m 49s
  • Summing up1m 50s
  • Understanding pixels, printer dots, and resolution2m 44s
  • Understanding resolution2m 33s
  • Defining resampling and interpolation3m 41s
  • Understanding where resizing fits into your workflow2m 12s
  • Defining native printer resolution2m 39s
  • Understanding the relationship between viewing distance and print size2m 1s
  • Reducing image size in Photoshop9m 11s
  • Cropping to a specific size and resolution using Canvas Size4m 34s
  • Cropping to a specific size and resolution using the Crop tool5m 15s
  • Enlarging an image in Photoshop7m 7s
  • Creating a triptych3m 55s
  • Creating a triptych using Automator on a Mac4m 5s
  • Exploring the aesthetics of print size4m 39s
  • Understanding how sharpening works3m 18s
  • Sharpening in JPEG mode1m 26s
  • Exploring sharpening workflows3m 47s
  • Sharpening in Camera Raw6m 17s
  • Looking at noise reduction1m 46s
  • Sharpening output with Smart Sharpen11m 52s
  • Understanding selective sharpening4m 25s
  • Sharpening through an edge mask7m 17s
  • Reviewing high-pass sharpening4m 30s
  • Applying aggressive sharpening8m 53s
  • Exploring advanced sharpening techniques9m 7s
  • Exploring the Print dialog11m 35s
  • Proofing at smaller sizes3m 3s
  • Exploring how color works2m 5s
  • Reviewing color models2m 56s
  • Defining gamut and color space9m 55s
  • Reviewing when colors go out of gamut4m 54s
  • Configuring Photoshop's color settings5m 47s
  • Changing color space in Camera Raw4m 7s
  • Working in an advanced color space6m 13s
  • Assigning a color space in Photoshop2m 20s
  • Correcting a color image9m 17s
  • Printing a color image11m 33s
  • Evaluating the print2m 5s
  • What is color management?4m 16s
  • Profiling a monitor8m 45s
  • Evaluating a monitor profile4m 37s
  • Exploring paper profiles5m 17s
  • Understanding soft proofing11m 51s
  • Understanding how paper quality affects the appearance of black in prints3m 26s
  • Looking at third-party papers3m 46s
  • Looking at paper finish3m 44s
  • Understanding paper traits6m 31s
  • Discussing paper choice and presentation7m 6s
  • Printing with Lightroom2m 34s
  • Laying out images8m 29s
  • Sharpening for print in Lightroom12m
  • Color management in Lightroom6m 57s
  • Understanding the print dialogue box12m 46s
  • What print options are not available in Lightroom3m 13s
  • Printing a black-and-white image11m 45s
  • Goodbye1m 16s

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