Icebreakers for Teams, Meetings, and Groups

Icebreakers for Teams, Meetings, and Groups

Icebreakers for Teams, Meetings, and Groups is an Beginner level course on Business, crafted by the creator, Carolyn Goerner. This course is an essential pillar for an individual who needs to excel in his/her Business expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Collaboration, Business and Collaboration.

Free Download - Icebreakers for Teams, Meetings, and Groups
Author Carolyn Goerner
Publish Date 3/12/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 34m 47s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 13
Last Update N/A

An icebreaker is an activity, game, or experience designed to create conversation and promote connection among participants. Join instructors Daisy Lovelace and Carolyn Goerner for an exploration of how to successfully use icebreaker activities to help strengthen teams, stimulate creative thinking, and help teams move forward after conflict. Discover the psychology behind how and why icebreakers work. Find out how to choose the right icebreaker for different group types and sizes. Examine different icebreakers designed to get an event started, connect new team members, and bolster connections among existing team members. Plus, learn how to facilitate icebreaker exercises to get the most benefit.

Topics include:

  • Building community in teams
  • The psychology of icebreakers
  • Activities for virtual teams
  • Icebreakers for existing teams
  • Exercises for new teams
  • Icebreakers for specific outcomes
  • Learning names
  • Trust-building icebreakers
  • Sparking and enhancing creativity
  • Activities for addressing and resolving conflict

Icebreakers for Teams, Meetings, and Groups : Video Lessons

  • Building community in teams1m 30s
  • Psychology of icebreakers3m 15s
  • Virtual teams2m 29s
  • Standing or long-tenure teams2m 48s
  • New face-to-face teams3m 55s
  • Large general meetings3m 8s
  • Training sessions2m 27s
  • Learning names2m 17s
  • Building trust2m 55s
  • Inspiring creativity2m 32s
  • Problem solving2m 14s
  • Addressing and resolving conflict3m 16s
  • Go break the ice2m 1s

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