HTML5: Web Forms

HTML5: Web Forms

HTML5: Web Forms is an Beginner level study on Developer, compiled by the creator, Joe Marini. This study is an important foundation for anyone who needs to sharpen his/her Developer expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on Developer, Web, Web Design, Web Development, HTML, Developer, Web, Web Design, Web Development and HTML.

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Author Joe Marini
Publish Date 5/31/2011
Skill Beginner
Duration 1h 58m
Topic Developer
Video Tutorials 31
Last Update N/A

In this course, author Joe Marini details the latest enhancements for client-side forms found in HTML5. Using real-world examples, the course showcases the capabilities of the specification’s new attributes and form elements, such as displaying default placeholder text, setting required fields, capturing email addresses, and presenting calculation results within a form. The course also demonstrates mobile device support for HTML5 forms and shows how to modernize existing forms while maintaining backwards compatibility for older browsers.

Topics include:

  • Autofilling previously entered data with autocomplete
  • Constraining form field data with a regular expression
  • Using text-selection APIs
  • Building CSS styling for invalid, valid, and required fields
  • Creating a search field
  • Including a phone number input field
  • Formatting number fields
  • Building a date picker
  • Creating a list of suggested entries
  • Indicating measurements

HTML5: Web Forms : Video Lessons

  • Welcome57s
  • Using the exercise files1m 59s
  • Installing the essential tools2m 36s
  • Using HTML5 Forms in the real world1m 49s
  • What's new in HTML5 Forms?5m 6s
  • Overview of the new HTML5 Forms features3m 48s
  • Designating a default active form field using the autofocus attribute3m 44s
  • Auto-filling previously entered data with the autocomplete attribute3m 16s
  • Displaying placeholder text in form fields5m 14s
  • Constraining form field data with a regular expression using the pattern attribute3m 28s
  • Creating Submit buttons that bypass validation rules using the novalidate attribute3m 28s
  • Setting required fields2m 58s
  • Using the text selection APIs4m 42s
  • Building CSS styling for invalid, valid, and required fields4m 15s
  • Creating a search field2m 44s
  • Capturing email addresses3m 17s
  • Building a web address field3m 35s
  • Creating a phone number input field2m 22s
  • Formatting number fields4m 44s
  • Creating fields for capturing number ranges4m 10s
  • Building a date picker field7m 22s
  • Invoking the color picker for field input2m 10s
  • Creating a list of suggested entries using the datalist element3m 50s
  • Using the progress element to create a progress bar3m 52s
  • Indicating measurements with the meter element5m 33s
  • Displaying the results of a calculation using the output element5m 36s
  • HTML5 Forms and mobile8m 34s
  • Transforming an ordinary form into an HTML5 form12m 15s
  • Goodbye53s

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