How to Succeed in an Internal Job Interview

How to Succeed in an Internal Job Interview

How to Succeed in an Internal Job Interview is an Intermediate level course on Business, compiled by an expert, Jena Viviano. This course is an important foundation for a person who needs to excel in his/her Business talent. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Career Development, Business and Career Development.

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Author Jena Viviano
Publish Date 2/11/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 24m 13s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 10
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Many candidates and even hiring managers consider internal interviews a formality, but taking the process seriously and preparing appropriately can help you avoid common mistakes. Instructor Jena Viviano shares the right way to approach an interview at your current company, including research to do in advance and questions to expect during the interview. Jena also covers how to answer questions about your current position, how to follow up after the interview, and how to behave if you aren’t selected for the position.

Topics include:

  • Preparing for an internal interview
  • Types of internal interviews
  • Consulting your manager before you apply
  • Researching the internal role
  • Common internal interview questions
  • Questions about your current job
  • Communicating why you are the best fit
  • Following up after an internal interview

How to Succeed in an Internal Job Interview : Video Lessons

  • How to interview for an internal role1m 56s
  • Types of internal interviews2m 19s
  • Consult your manager before you apply2m 20s
  • Research the internal role2m 34s
  • Common internal interview questions2m 31s
  • Questions about your current job2m 23s
  • Communicating why you are the best fit2m 48s
  • Following up after an internal interview2m 19s
  • What to do if you don't get the job2m 22s
  • Prepare for your next internal interview2m 41s

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