How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed

How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed

How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed is an Intermediate level course on Business, produced by the creator, Heidi Hanna. This course is an important pillar for a person who needs to sharpen his/her Business expertise. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Business Skills, Marketing, Leadership, Business, Business Skills, Marketing and Leadership.

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Author Heidi Hanna
Publish Date 2/27/2020
Skill Intermediate
Duration 43m 16s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 12
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Feeling overwhelmed is common. It’s a sign that the demands on your time and energy have surpassed your ability to cope with them. Sometimes overwhelm is temporary; other times, it can lead to persistent and unhealthy pressure and strain. The good news is that with the right mindset you can make the unmanageable feel manageable again. In this course from stress expert and performance coach Heidi Hanna, you can learn how to identify and conquer that overwhelmed feeling—so you can remain focused, productive, and in control in the face of whatever comes your way. Discover how to disrupt the stress circuit, cultivate calm and positive emotions, and take small, imperfect steps toward resolution. Heidi also provides tips for recognizing and preventing the overwhelm, so it doesn’t get out of control the next time you have too much to do.

How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed : Video Lessons

  • An overview of overwhelm1m 56s
  • How to use this course2m 33s
  • Your brain on overwhelm2m 36s
  • Coming to your senses to disrupt stress3m 47s
  • Creating calm with breathing techniques3m 52s
  • Cultivating flow with positive emotions4m 17s
  • Focusing on a new perspective3m 35s
  • Taking imperfect action to boost focus3m 48s
  • Using strategic distractions3m 4s
  • Getting to the core of your overwhelm4m 39s
  • Recognizing stress sensitivity4m 10s
  • Ending overwhelm for good4m 59s

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