Houdini Essential Training

Houdini Essential Training

Houdini Essential Training is an Beginner level study on 3D + Animation, compiled by an expert, Scott Pagano. This study is an essential pillar for a person who needs to sharpen his/her 3D + Animation expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, Animation, Compositing, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, Houdini, 3D + Animation, Animation, Compositing, Photography, Video, Visual Effects and Houdini.

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Author Scott Pagano
Publish Date 6/23/2017
Skill Beginner
Duration 7h 44m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 100
Last Update N/A

There’s a multitude of tools for 3D content creation on the market, and each has its own advantages and merits. Houdini—a leading package for 3D content creation—offers a procedural workflow that allows for powerful experimentation, system reusability, and overall process efficiency in building an array of assets and animations.

While known for its VFX strengths, Houdini has powerful tools for end-to-end 3D production for projects ranging from photorealistic visual effects to stylized motion graphics. In this course, Scott Pagano starts from the ground up to provide you with a solid foundation in Houdini. First, he takes you through the interface, covering topics such as global animation options, nomenclature, and viewport and display nodes. Next, he covers core geometry and animation concepts, followed by lighting, shading, and rendering techniques using the Houdini Mantra renderer. Once you have those primary 3D skills under your belt, Scott moves on to particles and volumes—some of the package’s most lauded strengths. He wraps up with an overview of the package’s compositing context, where you can create procedural imagery useful for processes across all contexts.

Topics include:

  • Global animation options
  • Viewing standard attributes
  • Copying SOP with template attributes and stamping
  • Caching geometry
  • Exporting and importing Alembic
  • Applying copy stamp channels
  • Importing animation into CHOPs
  • Caching animation data
  • Rendering, shading, and lighting
  • Setting up rigid body dynamics
  • Collision geometry fundamentals
  • Emitting particles from objects and attributes
  • Rendering particles
  • Emitting smoke from an object
  • Refining smoke simulation
  • Compositing layers

Houdini Essential Training : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 19s
  • What you need to know1m 40s
  • Exercise files49s
  • Navigation1m 36s
  • Viewport and display modes3m 10s
  • Panes3m 2s
  • Desktops2m 45s
  • Preferences2m 57s
  • Display options and visualizers3m 7s
  • Global animation options2m 7s
  • Nomenclature3m 30s
  • Network view7m 54s
  • Node flags6m 36s
  • Geometry spreadsheet2m 51s
  • Tree view1m 55s
  • Shelf Tools2m 56s
  • Object vs. suface context4m 14s
  • Geometry types5m 38s
  • Viewing standard attributes3m 12s
  • Selection3m 2s
  • Grid and snapping2m 26s
  • Basic box up modeling4m 3s
  • Polysplit and edge loops6m 18s
  • Clip and mirror3m 36s
  • Polybevel and divide4m 52s
  • Curve SOP3m 6s
  • UV unwrap3m 31s
  • Creating groups6m 31s
  • Creating attributes7m 49s
  • Copy SOP2m 43s
  • Copy SOP with template attributes4m 39s
  • Copy SOP with stamping6m 55s
  • Packed feometry4m 59s
  • Geometry with VDBs4m 1s
  • VOP SOP6m 42s
  • Subnetworks7m 46s
  • Caching geometry5m 19s
  • Export Alembic4m 51s
  • Import Alembic2m 4s
  • Keyframes3m 22s
  • Animation editor3m 16s
  • CHOP networks6m 57s
  • Expressions in parameters3m 49s
  • Noise and filtering7m 3s
  • Copy stamp channels8m 9s
  • Apply copy stamp channels7m 50s
  • Channel SOP3m 23s
  • Importing animation into CHOPS4m 23s
  • Cache animation data2m 23s
  • Cameras7m 2s
  • Flipbooks3m 43s
  • Mplay2m 43s
  • IPR rendering5m 5s
  • Basic mantra settings5m 58s
  • Mantra quality settings12m 1s
  • Render passes, AOV4m 44s
  • Open GL ROP2m 57s
  • Geometry ROP1m 49s
  • FBX ROP1m 55s
  • Alembic ROP2m 26s
  • Assigning materials3m 33s
  • Principled shader7m 28s
  • Using textures3m 25s
  • Displacement4m 10s
  • Basic custom shader7m 51s
  • Subdivision settings4m 26s
  • Light types: Point and spot5m 55s
  • Light types: Distant4m 51s
  • Light types: Area4m 19s
  • Light types: Environment and HDR3m 19s
  • Sun and sky lighting4m 29s
  • Light bank and light linking2m 47s
  • Rigid body dynamics setup4m 49s
  • Adding objects to the simulation3m 21s
  • Changing dynamic object types2m 46s
  • Collision geometry fundamentals5m 49s
  • Refining dynamics network8m
  • RBD active node4m 57s
  • Caching simulation results5m 46s
  • Applying lo-res sim to hi-res geometry9m 43s
  • Wire simulation setup7m 54s
  • Refining wire simulation6m 42s
  • Deforming geometry with wires6m 34s
  • Creating velocity attribute on objects4m 4s
  • Emitting particles from objects4m 33s
  • Emitting particles from attributes6m 15s
  • Refining particle simulation3m 43s
  • Caching particles3m 55s
  • Post-simulation color modification8m 48s
  • Rendering particles5m 11s
  • Emitting smoke from an object5m 8s
  • Refining smoke simulation7m 8s
  • Key fluid simulation nodes9m 40s
  • Caching output8m 32s
  • Pyro Shader6m 4s
  • Render scene overview1m 40s
  • Compositing layers5m 50s
  • Rendering output2m 24s
  • Next steps1m 3s

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