Houdini: Advanced Motion Graphics

Houdini: Advanced Motion Graphics

Houdini: Advanced Motion Graphics is an Advanced level tutorial on 3D + Animation, produced by an expert, Scott Pagano. This tutorial is an important foundation for an individual who needs to excel in his/her 3D + Animation skills. It provides you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, Animation, Motion Graphics, Photography, Video, Visual Effects, Houdini, 3D + Animation, Animation, Motion Graphics, Photography, Video, Visual Effects and Houdini.

Free Download - Houdini: Advanced Motion Graphics
Author Scott Pagano
Publish Date 8/24/2016
Skill Advanced
Duration 4h 23m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 37
Last Update N/A

Procedural animation is a powerful way to create motion that would be both inefficient and impractical to animate manually. Houdini offers a range of procedural animation tools that complement the CINEMA 4D and Maya pipelines. Adding Houdini allows for the generation of highly complex motion with relative ease and gives animators a whole new toolkit of reusable techniques. The techniques shown here use wire dynamics, rigid body dynamics, and channel networks to create animation data that can be imported into C4D or Maya and assembled, lit, and rendered there. Author Scott Pagano shows how to create organic-looking strand movement, audio-reactive motion graphics, a vine-growing system, and dynamic simulations for fracturing and destroying objects. Houdini is a powerhouse for all realms of moving image creation; with these videos, it will be a significant addition to your motion graphics arsenal.

Topics include:

  • Creating organic animation with wire dynamics via Houdini DOPs
  • Creating audio-reactive animation via Houdini CHOPs
  • Growing geometry on arbitrary surfaces with a custom Houdini setup
  • Deconstructing and reconstructing objects using Houdini DOPs
  • Exporting alembic files from Houdini
  • Packaging Houdini systems as HDAs for use in C4D and Maya via the Houdini Engine
  • Importing Houdini files in C4D and Maya for final scene prep and render

Houdini: Advanced Motion Graphics : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 2s
  • What to know50s
  • Exercise files29s
  • Intro to wire dynamics53s
  • Geometry prep and procedural animation9m 14s
  • Creating our wire simulation16m 59s
  • Adding collision geo to our simulation6m 57s
  • Simulation caching and wire deforming17m 51s
  • Revising and iterating our simulation3m 22s
  • Exporting alembic files of our results7m 32s
  • Flipbooking our animation2m 14s
  • Importing our alembic file into Maya3m 11s
  • Importing our alembic file into CINEMA 4D1m 44s
  • Audio reactivity intro59s
  • Importing audio files into CHOPS8m 46s
  • Creating procedural animation channels14m 2s
  • Applying our animation channels to geometry5m 24s
  • Creating more animation channels from audio11m 8s
  • Finalizing our scene6m 52s
  • Overview of process21s
  • Creating an initial vine source16m 39s
  • Animating vine growth14m 47s
  • Creating vine geo19m 9s
  • Creating attributes for leaf growth6m 37s
  • Creating leaf growth points11m 13s
  • Creating leaf geo15m 3s
  • Export our asset as an alembic file8m 41s
  • Rigid body dynamics in Houdini40s
  • Fracturing geometry with VDB tools11m 3s
  • Procedurally creating interior UVs5m 57s
  • Creating proxy geometry for simulation6m 51s
  • Setting up our dynamic simulation10m 42s
  • Exporting alembic files7m 49s
  • Flipbooking final results1m 26s
  • Importing Houdini files in to Maya3m 32s
  • Importing Houdini files in to CINEMA 4D3m 21s
  • Next steps35s

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