HitFilm 3 Pro Essential Training

HitFilm 3 Pro Essential Training

HitFilm 3 Pro Essential Training is an Intermediate level tutorial on 3D + Animation, written by the creator, Steve Grisetti. This tutorial is an essential step for an individual who needs to get better at his/her 3D + Animation skills. It provides you a strong understanding on 3D + Animation, Photography, Video, Video Editing, Visual Effects, HitFilm, 3D + Animation, Photography, Video, Video Editing, Visual Effects and HitFilm.

Free Download - HitFilm 3 Pro Essential Training
Author Steve Grisetti
Publish Date 3/10/2015
Skill Intermediate
Duration 5h 57m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 59
Last Update N/A

HitFilm Pro is an exciting video-effects program. It combines an intuitive compositing interface with a full-featured editing timeline and a huge library of presets and overlays that will have you creating professional-style CGI effects with a few simple clicks.

In this course Steve Grisetti shares the three ways HitFilm 3 Pro can be used: as a video editor, as a tool for adding 2D video effects to your movie, and as a compositing tool for creating amazing 3D and planar-tracking effects. Along the way, you’ll look at how to draw from the program’s exciting library of preset effects (including motion tracking and particle simulation), as well as how to build effects and animations from scratch. You’ll use HitFilm to add muzzle blasts, rocket fire, phaser beams, and other explosive action effects to your movies. Steve also shows how to work with 3D models and incorporate them into videos—including simulating real-world depth and perspective with the free mocha HitFilm plugin.

Topics include:

  • Adding and customizing 3D effects
  • Keyframing animated effects
  • Adding effects instantly with presets and Quick 3D
  • Extruding and animating text
  • Chroma keying
  • Tracking and stabilizing video
  • Animating 3D models
  • Creating a space scene with advanced effects
  • Planar tracking with mocha HitFilm
  • Outputting and sharing your movie

HitFilm 3 Pro Essential Training : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m
  • Using the exercise files2m 30s
  • Introduction to the interface4m 24s
  • Media editing and composites3m 58s
  • Starting a new HitFilm project3m 55s
  • Checking out the editor workspace7m 48s
  • Adding effects in the HitFilm editor7m 57s
  • Keyframing fade-in and fade-outs with the editor7m 28s
  • Mixing audio in the editor7m 27s
  • Creating a composite5m 3s
  • Color and lighting correction8m 6s
  • Color grading and enriching9m 6s
  • Building out a comp6m 19s
  • Adding 3D effects in a composite7m 41s
  • Customizing 3D effects in a composite7m 35s
  • Keyframing animated effects in a composite: 2D6m 16s
  • Keyframing animated effects in a composite: 3D7m 7s
  • Hiding objects with the clone stamp8m 40s
  • Adding weather particles to your video3m 42s
  • Adding deflectors to weather effects4m 9s
  • Creating a CGI tornado4m 59s
  • Adding debris and dust to your scene4m 49s
  • Adding a smoke trail to a missile8m 4s
  • Creating sparks for a weapon7m 52s
  • Creating the blast for a weapon6m 6s
  • Adding phaser blasts and explosions8m 29s
  • Adding shock waves6m 30s
  • Blowing up a planet4m 34s
  • Adding a muzzle flash to a pistol9m
  • Creating and customizing a text comp7m 26s
  • Extruding and animating text6m 50s
  • Adding realism to your video effects6m 25s
  • Adding lights and flares to a scene5m 53s
  • Chroma keying a scene7m 57s
  • Creating a transporter effect: Part one5m 29s
  • Creating a transporter effect: Part two6m 54s
  • Stabilizing a shaky video7m 57s
  • Locking an effect to a point in your video4m 43s
  • Locking an effect to a moving actor in a video5m 34s
  • Gathering and preparing 3D models4m 31s
  • Importing 3D models into HitFilm7m 25s
  • Animating individual parts of a model4m 56s
  • Animating a 3D model in a scene4m 21s
  • Using cameras and lighting in a 3D composite7m 13s
  • Creating a star field in outer space5m 21s
  • Adding a planet and a sun to outer space6m 44s
  • Creating a sci-fi weapons blast8m 7s
  • Enhancing a sci-fi weapons blast7m 12s
  • Integrating 3D motion with a video6m 29s
  • Enhancing 3D objects in motion5m 41s
  • Creating a CGI crash with debris6m 54s
  • Creating the space cops UFO approach5m 21s
  • Making effects interact with your scene4m 43s
  • Planar tracking with mocha HitFilm7m 47s
  • Working with planar tracking data in HitFilm6m 5s
  • Tracking 3D explosions and missile hits4m 28s
  • Outputting your movie4m 19s
  • Sharing your movie on YouTube1m 12s
  • Next steps3m 21s

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