HDR Photography: Shooting and Processing

HDR Photography: Shooting and Processing

HDR Photography: Shooting and Processing is an Intermediate level study on Photography, created by the author, Ben Long. This study is an important foundation for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Photography talent. It provides you a thorough grip on HDR, Photography, Photomatix, Photoshop, SilverFast HDR Studio, HDR, Photography, Photomatix, Photoshop and SilverFast HDR Studio.

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Author Ben Long
Publish Date 7/22/2011
Skill Intermediate
Duration 4h 58m
Topic HDR
Video Tutorials 42
Last Update N/A

In this course, photographer Ben Long describes the concepts and techniques behind high dynamic range (HDR) photography, a technique used to create images that have a wider range between the lightest and darkest areas of a scene than a digital camera can typically capture. The course begins with some background on dynamic range, on how camera sensors detect shadows, and on the kinds of subjects that benefit from HDR. Ben then describes and demonstrates several methods of generating HDR images, starting with single-shot HDR, which relies on masking to subtly enhance the dynamic range of a shot. Next, the course covers multi-exposure HDR, which involves shooting several photos of a scene, each at a different exposure, and then combining them using software tools. Ben demonstrates how to use Photoshop and the popular Photomatix software to process HDR images whose appearance ranges from subtle to surreal.

Topics include:

  • Understanding how the image sensor detects shadows
  • Capturing a broader dynamic range
  • Knowing when to use HDR
  • Finding good HDR subject matter
  • Using gradient masks to improve dynamic range
  • Merging in Photoshop and processing elsewhere
  • Dealing with ghosting
  • Reducing noise and correcting chromatic aberrations
  • Handling HDR images that seem flat
  • Combining HDR and LDR (low dynamic range)
  • Selective editing with HDR Efex Pro
  • Creating panoramic HDR images
  • Creating an HDR time lapse

HDR Photography: Shooting and Processing : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 56s
  • What you need for this course2m 37s
  • Using the exercise files2m 9s
  • Dynamic range defined4m 31s
  • Understanding bit depth3m 37s
  • Image sensor and shadows2m 38s
  • Three methods for capturing more dynamic range3m 56s
  • HDR shooting and processing4m 40s
  • Single-shot HDR2m 43s
  • When to use HDR2m 50s
  • Finding HDR subject matter4m 38s
  • Shooting HDR9m 45s
  • Workflow and organization5m 36s
  • Using gradient masks to improve dynamic range3m 56s
  • More dynamic range masking8m 57s
  • Masking with brushes4m 59s
  • Creating an HDR image in Photoshop12m 15s
  • Creating an HDR image in Photomatix22m 5s
  • Creating an HDR in HDR Efex11m 47s
  • Merging in Photoshop and processing elsewhere3m 51s
  • Using Tone Compressor in Photomatix4m 25s
  • Using Exposure Fusion in Photomatix7m 35s
  • Single-shot HDR images in Photomatix4m 18s
  • Single-shot HDR images in HDR Efex1m 3s
  • Single-shot HDR images in Photoshop5m 32s
  • Ghosting and Photoshop2m 51s
  • Ghosting and HDR Efex2m 47s
  • Ghosting and Photomatix6m 36s
  • Batch processing in Photomatix10m 51s
  • Reducing noise and correcting chromatic aberrations13m 33s
  • Finishing an image8m 42s
  • Handling HDR images that are "flat"13m 37s
  • Combining HDR and LDR23m 3s
  • Selective editing with HDR Efex Pro9m 42s
  • HDR that doesn't look like HDR12m 41s
  • Tone mapping troubles to watch for6m 46s
  • Why use HDR for black-and-white images?5m 26s
  • Black-and-white HDR12m 39s
  • Panoramic HDR12m 3s
  • HDR time lapse4m 24s
  • Processing the trestle image10m 1s
  • Goodbye37s

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