Grip Gear for Photographers

Grip Gear for Photographers

Grip Gear for Photographers is an Intermediate level tutorial on 3D + Animation, crafted by the creator, Abba Shapiro. This tutorial is an important base for an individual who needs to get better at his/her 3D + Animation expertise. It gives you a thorough grip on Cameras + Gear, 3D + Animation, Photography, Lighting, Video, Cameras + Gear, 3D + Animation, Photography, Lighting and Video.

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Author Abba Shapiro
Publish Date 11/16/2016
Skill Intermediate
Duration 57m 52s
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 40
Last Update N/A

Professional photographers rely on a grab bag of accessories to help them get their shots. Stands, clamps, light modifiers, and sandbags—this isn’t the glamorous gear that’s advertised on the back covers of photo magazines, but it can make all the difference in a successful photo shoot. In this course, Abba Shapiro introduces a variety of essential accessories and necessities you need to get the shot. Learn how to use light stands and mounting brackets, flags and reflectors, clamps, multitools, and more. Whether you’re shooting in the studio or on location, this course will cover the gear you need to create your perfect grip kit.

Topics include:

  • What is a grip kit?
  • Organizing and transporting your grip gear
  • Using stands and plates
  • Mounting equipment with clamps
  • Controlling and shaping light
  • Powering your shoots
  • Staying safe: important safety gear

Grip Gear for Photographers : Video Lessons

  • Welcome40s
  • What you should know before watching this course42s
  • What is grip gear and why is it called that?1m 12s
  • What is a grip kit?1m 3s
  • How to organize and transport all this stuff2m 38s
  • Lighting stands1m 7s
  • C-stands3m 51s
  • Roller stand1m 8s
  • Baby plates1m 19s
  • Arms2m 54s
  • Boom stand1m 52s
  • Grip head1m 7s
  • Mafer clamp55s
  • C-clamp46s
  • Cardellini clamp46s
  • Scissor clamp44s
  • Pony clamp44s
  • Platypus1m 3s
  • Flags2m 10s
  • Reflectors3m 27s
  • Diffusers and scrims3m
  • Gels4m 39s
  • Butterfly frame, Hollywood frame, flag frame2m 6s
  • Cinefoil (Black Wrap)1m 31s
  • Extension cords and stingers2m 21s
  • Power strips54s
  • Power cube: Heavy duty 3-outlet tap41s
  • Safety items: Gaffers tape and runners1m 56s
  • Gaffer tape55s
  • Sandbags1m 14s
  • Gloves36s
  • Knife, tool set, and multitool1m 30s
  • Apple boxes1m 15s
  • Ladders1m 16s
  • This and that3m 27s
  • Next steps and goodbye23s

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