GoPro HERO5 and HERO6: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

GoPro HERO5 and HERO6: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

GoPro HERO5 and HERO6: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques is an Beginner level course on Photography, compiled by the creator, Richard Harrington. This course is an absolute foundation for anyone who needs to excel in his/her Photography skills. It gives you a thorough grip on Cameras + Gear, Photography, HERO, Cameras + Gear, Photography and HERO.

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Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 5/17/2018
Skill Beginner
Duration 6h 44m
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 95
Last Update N/A

Got a GoPro? Whether you capture stills, video, or even time-lapse photography, this beginner’s course equips you with the essential skills you need to get out from behind your computer and start shooting in the field with your GoPro HERO5 or HERO6 camera. Rich Harrington starts right at the beginning, showing how to get the camera out of the box—which is trickier than it sounds—and set up for your shoot. He also covers strategies for excelling in different shooting scenarios, and shares his insights on different menus and buttons to ensure that you get up and running quickly, without needing to fuss over controls.

Topics include:

  • Choosing a GoPro model
  • Understanding your GoPro camera’s anatomy
  • Charging the battery
  • Tips to extend battery life
  • Accessing video and photo shooting modes
  • Setting white balance for videos and photos
  • Shooting in Burst or Time-Lapse mode
  • Shooting wirelessly
  • Capturing VR with the GoPro Fusion
  • Essential accessories for every GoPro owner

GoPro HERO5 and HERO6: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 20s
  • How to use this course2m 50s
  • Additional project-based courses you might want to watch1m 19s
  • Key new features with the HERO5 cameras3m 12s
  • Key new features with the HERO6 cameras7m
  • Choosing a GoPro camera that's right for you3m 48s
  • Unboxing a GoPro HERO5 Black9m 5s
  • Unboxing a GoPro HERO6 Black9m 39s
  • Unboxing a GoPro HERO5 Session7m 20s
  • Basic camera anatomy of the Hero5/6 Black camera4m 12s
  • Basic camera anatomy of the Hero5 Session camera4m 58s
  • Inserting a memory card into a GoPro Hero5/6 camera3m 41s
  • Powering up a GoPro Hero5/6 camera3m 49s
  • Choosing a shooting mode1m 59s
  • Recording with a GoPro camera1m 54s
  • Charging the GoPro battery in camera4m 5s
  • Using additional batteries with a GoPro camera and an external charger4m 28s
  • Using the Battery BacPac or an external battery pack4m 28s
  • Tips to extend battery life5m 36s
  • Choosing a memory card for GoPro HERO cameras6m 54s
  • Working with microSD cards3m 55s
  • The impact of record settings on storage capacity3m 41s
  • Understanding microSD card messages3m 9s
  • An overview of button controls on a GoPro Hero5/6 Black5m 35s
  • Understanding the LCD status screen on a GoPro Hero5/6 Black2m 44s
  • Using the touch display on a GoPro Hero5/6 Black4m 54s
  • Menu navigation and factory defaults on a GoPro Hero5/6 Black7m 49s
  • Touch gestures on a GoPro Hero5/6 Black6m 16s
  • An overview of button controls on a GoPro Hero5/6 Session4m 18s
  • Understanding the LCD status screen on a GoPro Hero5/6 Session2m 21s
  • Menu navigation and factory defaults on a GoPro Hero5/6 Session4m 48s
  • Controlling a GoPro with your voice8m 47s
  • Adjusting camera settings with the GoPro App12m
  • Accessing the Setup menu1m 45s
  • Setting the default mode at power up4m 59s
  • Setting the QuickCapture mode4m 45s
  • Choosing NTSC/PAL recording standard2m 42s
  • Setting and understanding status indicator lights4m 6s
  • Using sound indicators1m 30s
  • Setting the month/day/year/time2m 55s
  • Accessing Video Shooting mode3m 17s
  • Choosing a capture mode3m 54s
  • Selecting the right frame rate5m 4s
  • Setting the field of view5m 39s
  • Setting the camera orientation3m 11s
  • Using the spot meter and adjusting ISO settings3m 16s
  • Looping video when recording3m 51s
  • Setting a white balance for video3m 48s
  • Adjusting audio record settings2m 55s
  • Using video stabilization2m 29s
  • What if the file repair appears?2m 15s
  • What if the Temperature Warning icon appears?2m 30s
  • Accessing Photo mode2m 58s
  • Choosing a resolution and field of view for still photos2m 6s
  • When to shoot JPEG or RAW3m 55s
  • Using Protune for photos4m 51s
  • Adjusting the shutter speed for low-light photography with a GoPro2m 56s
  • Using the spot meter2m 55s
  • Shooting photos with a wide dynamic range3m 38s
  • Setting a white balance for photo2m 44s
  • Shooting in Burst mode3m 11s
  • An overview of shooting in Time Lapse mode3m 41s
  • Choosing an interval for time-lapse recording3m 40s
  • Recording a movie or an image sequence on a GoPro3m 43s
  • Advanced settings for time-lapse recording3m 38s
  • Assembling the time-lapse movie with GoPro Studio7m 10s
  • The role of wireless shooting1m 42s
  • When to use the GoPro Remote3m 12s
  • Setting up the Capture App for the GoPro HERO6 Black4m 26s
  • Setting up the Capture App for the GoPro HERO5 Black3m 33s
  • Setting up the Capture App for the GoPro HERO5 Session3m 21s
  • Using the touch screen to see your images4m 35s
  • Reviewing Images with the GoPro App5m 28s
  • Transferring images to the cloud with GoPro Plus5m 31s
  • Basic editing with GoPro Mobile4m 10s
  • Auto-editing with GoPro QuikStories6m 56s
  • Intro to GoPro Quik Desktop5m 53s
  • An intro to GoPro Studio6m 48s
  • Setting up the camera for VR capture7m 48s
  • Remote controlling the Fusion camera6m 6s
  • Loading footage into Fusion Studio desktop3m 32s
  • Extracting and correcting footage from Fusion Studio desktop9m 25s
  • Using GoPro Fusion footage with Premiere Pro or After Effects6m 9s
  • How to check for camera updates2m 45s
  • Updating your GoPro HERO with GoPro Quik for desktop2m 15s
  • Updating your camera with the GoPro Capture App1m 14s
  • The GoPro Frame3m 10s
  • The GoPro Tripod Mount3m 28s
  • The GoPro audio adapter2m 13s
  • The GoPro Tool1m 56s
  • Shooting underwater4m 59s
  • Handle or clamp4m 24s
  • GoPro harnesses3m 13s
  • An introduction to the GoPro ecosystem3m 10s
  • Next steps1m 18s

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