GoPro HERO: Shooting Action Sports

GoPro HERO: Shooting Action Sports

GoPro HERO: Shooting Action Sports is an Intermediate level tutorial on Photography, written by the author, Richard Harrington. This tutorial is an absolute foundation for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Photography talent. It gives you a thorough grip on Cameras + Gear, Video Cameras, Photography, Video, GoPro, Cameras + Gear, Video Cameras, Photography, Video and GoPro.

Free Download - GoPro HERO: Shooting Action Sports
Author Richard Harrington
Publish Date 4/4/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 9m
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 40
Last Update N/A

The GoPro HERO was practically built for sports, and not just the extreme kind. It’s compact, durable, and produces high-quality footage at a high-frame rate—just the kind of camera you want for shooting fast-moving athletes outdoors. Rich Harrington drops in at the local skate park and shows how to shoot grinds, kickflips, and ollies from multiple angles, including a head mount and an under-the-board point of view. He also shows how to plan for other equipment you’ll need, like Steadicam rigs for extra stabilization or clamps and poles to capture interesting angles. Plus, learn how to film interviews on location without having to switch cameras, and set your GoPro to capture overcranked footage. Best of all? The techniques shown only require one camera, so if you have a GoPro, you’re good to go.

This course was created and produced by RHED Pixel. We’re honored to host this training in our library.

Topics include:

  • Packing for the shoot
  • Managing power on location
  • Protecting your GoPro
  • Mounting a GoPro
  • Using a Steadicam Smoothee or Curve
  • Using head, chest, or wrist mount
  • Positioning your GoPro with clamps, poles, and GorillaPods
  • Mic’ing and lighting a shoot

GoPro HERO: Shooting Action Sports : Video Lessons

  • Welcome57s
  • What you'll need for this course1m 9s
  • Visiting the location for a site survey1m 1s
  • Packing for the shoot1m 4s
  • Initial thoughts about the shoot1m 20s
  • Onsite review strategies2m 10s
  • Power-management strategies1m 48s
  • Personal safety and equipment safety1m 15s
  • Setting the camera's resolution2m
  • Working with capture settings2m 21s
  • Using neutral density filters1m 11s
  • Protecting the cameras1m 48s
  • Protecting the cameras with a cage48s
  • Mounting a camera to the top of the board1m 59s
  • Mounting a camera to the bottom of the board2m 21s
  • Using a protective case2m 19s
  • Safety precautions and risks42s
  • Using chase camera strategies1m 1s
  • Using a Steadicam Smoothee2m 1s
  • Using a Steadicam Curve1m 57s
  • Using a GoPole Grenade Grip1m 43s
  • Using a chest-mount harness1m 54s
  • Using a head mount1m 14s
  • Using a wrist mount1m 14s
  • Mounting a helmet camera1m 39s
  • Using Gorillapods1m 1s
  • Using clamps1m 20s
  • Using poles2m 22s
  • Strategies for following the action1m 2s
  • Setting the field of view1m 54s
  • Lighting2m 31s
  • Attaching a mic3m 19s
  • Conducting the interview3m 31s
  • When to use high frame rates1m 50s
  • Limitations on recording with high frame rates51s
  • Setting the camera for overcranked footage1m 35s
  • Top gear from the shoot2m 22s
  • Techniques to build on3m 3s
  • Lessons learned the hard way2m 52s
  • What’s next?56s

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