GoPro: Creative Photography and Video Techniques

GoPro: Creative Photography and Video Techniques

GoPro: Creative Photography and Video Techniques is an Intermediate level course on Photography, produced by an expert, Paul Taggart. This course is an essential foundation for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Photography talent. It gives you a strong understanding on Cameras + Gear, Shooting Video, Photography, Video, GoPro, Cameras + Gear, Shooting Video, Photography, Video and GoPro.

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Author Paul Taggart
Publish Date 8/27/2014
Skill Intermediate
Duration 1h 21m
Topic Cameras + Gear
Video Tutorials 21
Last Update N/A

Although GoPro HERO cameras are typically used for sports and action shots, the truth is they’re useful in any scenario that might challenge your regular DSLR or video camera. Think underwater shoots, down and (literally) dirty perspectives, and quadcopter-mounted aerial video and photography.

It sounds like an ideal set of challenges for photojournalist Paul Taggart, who also shoots video for the Discovery Channel and other media outlets. In this course, he takes us to a farming community in the state of Washington to showcase creative uses for the GoPro HERO, in a variety of situations. He goes deep at a shellfish farm, gets footage from the tractor’s perspective at an organic farm, and mounts the GoPro to a quadcopter to get aerial footage at a vineyard. At the end of each chapter, he recaps the shoot and reviews the final still photos and video.

Topics include:

  • Getting the GoPro in the water
  • Using the GoPro on a quadcopter
  • Shooting time lapses with a GoPro
  • Getting motion shots
  • Setting up multimedia GoPro projects

GoPro: Creative Photography and Video Techniques : Video Lessons

  • Introduction1m 13s
  • Exploring the gear used for the GoPro course6m 6s
  • Setting up for the shellfish farm GoPro shoot1m 51s
  • Documenting the shellfish farmers with a GoPro6m 13s
  • Getting the GoPro in the water4m 33s
  • Using the GoPro on a quadcopter for aerial shots2m 18s
  • Wrapping up the shellfish farm GoPro shoot1m 4s
  • Reviewing stills and video from the shellfish shoot8m 49s
  • Exploring the options for GoPro use on a farm5m 41s
  • Using a GoPro to get aerial footage of the farm3m 53s
  • Using GoPro time lapses to document the day at the farm4m 10s
  • Getting motion shots by mounting the GoPro to a tractor5m 53s
  • Using a GoPro for an interview on a farm4m 15s
  • Recapping the GoPro shoot at the farm5m 19s
  • Exploring the vineyard as a GoPro shoot location1m 22s
  • Covering the vineyard with GoPro aerial footage4m 36s
  • Getting detail shots of the vineyard with a GoPro3m 20s
  • Using the GoPro for an interview, and lessons learned3m 15s
  • Revisiting the GoPro vineyard shots that worked3m 59s
  • Setting up the final multimedia GoPro project3m 56s

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