Fusion 360: Basic Part Modeling

Fusion 360: Basic Part Modeling

Fusion 360: Basic Part Modeling is an Beginner level course on 3D + Animation, written by the creator, Vladimir Mariano. This course is an absolute step for an individual who needs to get better at his/her 3D + Animation expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on 3D + Animation, CAD, Prototyping, Web, Modeling, Product Design, Fusion 360, 3D + Animation, CAD, Prototyping, Web, Modeling, Product Design and Fusion 360.

Free Download - Fusion 360: Basic Part Modeling
Author Vladimir Mariano
Publish Date 12/18/2017
Skill Beginner
Duration 2h 30m
Topic 3D + Animation
Video Tutorials 34
Last Update 12/16/2019

Learn how design for the real world with Autodesk Fusion 360 to practice modeling parts that match real-life constraints. This course takes you through how to measure objects and create models for parts that are manufacture-ready. Design basics are covered first, including using the tools in Fusion 360. Then, project-based instructions are provided for creating a battery holder that meets valid constraints. Next, reference drawings are used to demonstrate how to modify dimensions according to various specifications. Additionally, several design and modeling steps are shown, involving sketching, extruding, using calipers, fixing over-constraint errors, adjusting appearances, calibrating canvases, and more.

Topics include:

  • Getting started with Fusion 360
  • Sketching and extruding
  • Editing sketches and features
  • Offsetting
  • Using calipers to get precise measurements
  • Designing according constraints
  • Modifying dimensions
  • Changing inches to millimeters
  • Modifying features
  • Attaching and calibrating a canvas
  • Sketching by referencing a canvas
  • Parallel constraints
  • Combining bodies and separating bodies

Fusion 360: Basic Part Modeling : Video Lessons

  • Welcome38s
  • About the course50s
  • Download Fusion 3601m 59s
  • Introduction to the user interface3m 2s
  • Change settings3m 27s
  • PC vs. Mac34s
  • Updated toolbar UI6m 5s
  • First model and navigation6m 43s
  • Sketching and extruding5m 12s
  • Editing sketches and features2m 57s
  • Construction lines and circles3m 32s
  • Offset and Fillet tools5m 25s
  • Design a battery with dimensions7m 39s
  • Using calipers to get precise measurements57s
  • Design slide switch: Constraints5m 25s
  • Slide switch: Constraints continued4m 32s
  • Fix over-constraint errors5m 21s
  • Referencing dimensions4m 34s
  • Modifying dimensions4m 8s
  • Obtaining drawings for battery charger3m 16s
  • Inches to millimeters6m 3s
  • Symmetry Constraint and Mirror tool5m 52s
  • Midpoint and linear constraints7m 41s
  • Ports4m 36s
  • Fillets and appearances4m 20s
  • Modifying features1m 24s
  • Attach and calibrate canvas for the circuit playground6m 6s
  • Sketching by referencing the canvas6m 25s
  • Parallel constraints and Circular Pattern4m 53s
  • Circular Pattern in the modeling environment5m 10s
  • Modify the timeline6m 8s
  • Combining bodies4m 57s
  • Separating bodies and appearances9m 32s
  • Next steps41s

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