Foundations of Performance Management (UK)

Foundations of Performance Management (UK)

Foundations of Performance Management (UK) is an Advanced level study on Business, crafted by an expert, Nigel Cumberland. This study is a critical foundation for an individual who needs to sharpen his/her Business talent. It provides you a strong understanding on Business, Management, Business and Management.

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Author Nigel Cumberland
Publish Date 4/2/2020
Skill Advanced
Duration 46m 55s
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 16
Last Update N/A

As a leader, you are deemed a success when your direct reports thrive and reach their goals and full potential. In this course, join instructor Nigel Cumberland as he dives into the subject of performance management, explaining how to manage and optimize your team’s performance in support of your company’s mission and overall objectives. Nigel—a prolific author, leadership development expert, and executive coach—explains how to set up your team up for success by ensuring that employees have clear, measurable, and achievable goals. He shares tips for delivering feedback to employees, as well as how to determine when 360° feedback is needed. In addition, he discusses how to define your team’s learning needs; craft an individual—and team—training and development plan; manage both poor- and high-performing individuals; and maintain a working environment that encourages, acknowledges, and rewards exceptional performance.

Foundations of Performance Management (UK) : Video Lessons

  • Mastering the art of performance management1m 18s
  • Defining the optimal mix of skills required in each job role2m 52s
  • Creating excellent job role descriptions3m 8s
  • Choose the right mix of goals and KPIs2m 30s
  • Creating SMART goals2m 44s
  • How to give and receive feedback well3m 5s
  • Obtaining and benefiting from 360° feedback3m 19s
  • How to optimally give performance appraisals3m 45s
  • Rewarding and recognizing performance3m 24s
  • Doing a needs analysis and creating a development plan3m 56s
  • Using coaching as a development tool3m 20s
  • Analyzing the reasons for poor performance2m 49s
  • Rectifying poor performance issues3m 15s
  • Helping high performers remain focused and motivated2m 44s
  • Creating and maintaining a high performance culture3m 9s
  • Performance management: An evolving practice1m 37s

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