Foundations of Managerial Accounting

Foundations of Managerial Accounting

Foundations of Managerial Accounting is an Beginner level study on Business, produced by an expert, Joshua Rischin. This study is an important pillar for anyone who needs to get better at his/her Business skills. It gives you a strong understanding on Business, Accounting, Business and Accounting.

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Author Joshua Rischin
Publish Date 3/11/2020
Skill Beginner
Duration 44m 53s
Topic Accounting
Video Tutorials 16
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Managerial accounting is a specialty that bridges people and data. Accountants communicate financial information to managers so that they can make critical business decisions, plan for the future, and analyze past performance. This course provides a basic introduction to aspiring managerial accountants. Discover the types of managerial accounting and its applications, from lean accounting to lifecycle costing. Follow a real-world case study showing the insights generated from a critical decision about payroll, and learn how to define the elements that will help you successfully implement managerial accounting in the real world. Instructor Joshua Rischin, a management consultant, also provides some tips on building a successful and sustainable career in managerial accounting.

Foundations of Managerial Accounting : Video Lessons

  • Benefits of managerial accounting1m 19s
  • What is managerial accounting?2m 35s
  • Types of managerial accounting3m 14s
  • The bigger picture3m 26s
  • Lean accounting3m 18s
  • Activity-based costing3m 11s
  • Lifecycle costing3m 37s
  • Project accounting3m 22s
  • Case study: Insource vs. outsource payroll2m 17s
  • Strategic goals and outcomes3m 33s
  • Outputs that matter1m 50s
  • Information needs2m 24s
  • Assumptions and business rules3m 3s
  • Preparing a model3m 26s
  • Building capability3m 26s
  • What to do now52s

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