Flickr: Sharing Photos

Flickr: Sharing Photos

Flickr: Sharing Photos is an Beginner level course on Business, created by the author, Derrick Story. This course is an essential step for a person who needs to get better at his/her Business expertise. It provides you a thorough grip on Business, Marketing, Photography, Sharing Photos, Social Networks, Flickr, Business, Marketing, Photography, Sharing Photos, Social Networks and Flickr.

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Author Derrick Story
Publish Date 4/27/2016
Skill Beginner
Duration 3h 27m
Topic Business
Video Tutorials 78
Last Update N/A

With its multifaceted organizational and editing tools, Flickr takes sharing photo collections to a new level of ease and creativity. New features like the Camera Roll and 1TB storage capacity make it appealing for professional photographers as well as casual users. In Sharing Photos with Flickr, professional photographer and teacher Derrick Story goes step-by-step through the online interface and the functions, so anyone can upload, edit, and share their photos and videos. Derrick also shows techniques for making Flickr photos easier to find, from creating sets and collections to tagging and assigning photos to a map. Plus, learn how to participate in the active community and explore the Flickr universe for inspiration.

Topics include:

  • Why use Flickr?
  • Using Photostream vs. Camera Roll to view Flickr images
  • Setting up and customizing a Flickr account
  • Uploading photos and videos from various sources
  • Viewing larger photos and slideshows
  • Editing and tagging photos
  • Participating in the Flickr community through comments, contacts, groups, and more
  • Exploring Flickr’s vast ocean of images
  • Enhancing photos with the adjustment tools
  • Watermarking photos
  • Uploading video

Flickr: Sharing Photos : Video Lessons

  • Welcome1m 24s
  • System requirements for Flickr1m 2s
  • Storage space provided with your account3m 9s
  • Why use Flickr?4m 51s
  • Flickr strengths and weaknesses3m 25s
  • The Flickr ecosystem across devices1m 9s
  • Camera Roll vs. Photostream2m 49s
  • Overview of the homepage4m 29s
  • What type of account is best for you?2m 36s
  • Set up your Flickr account2m 45s
  • Personalize your homepage2m 37s
  • Edit personal information and settings3m 39s
  • Specify privacy and permissions settings10m 2s
  • Specify email settings4m 1s
  • Upload through a web browser4m 5s
  • Use Auto-Uploadr with a mobile device3m 26s
  • Set up the Flickr Uploadr application (Pro only)2m 19s
  • Use Uploadr to copy images from a memory card (Pro only)5m 35s
  • Use Uploadr to copy images from a folder (Pro only)5m 2s
  • Use the web browser to upload from a memory card6m 38s
  • Sort how images display2m 46s
  • View larger versions of a photo and Lightbox mode2m 33s
  • View photos as a slideshow1m 22s
  • Share photos from your photostream3m 9s
  • Search your photostream1m 29s
  • Navigate the camera roll2m 7s
  • Edit titles and descriptions5m 21s
  • Add tags3m 21s
  • Delete a photo3m 1s
  • Replace a photo2m 40s
  • Rotate a photo1m 6s
  • Download photos from your account4m 5s
  • Change the date of a photo2m 48s
  • Identify other Flickr members in a photo1m 41s
  • Mark a photo as a favorite1m 21s
  • Comment on a picture1m 42s
  • View EXIF data3m 23s
  • Show more stats (Pro only)3m 2s
  • Change permissions1m 35s
  • Add to a group1m 15s
  • Add to an album1m 21s
  • Delete or add a tag1m 51s
  • Add contacts3m 11s
  • Invite non-Flickr members2m 26s
  • Explore groups5m 8s
  • Create a group4m 5s
  • Explore albums3m 10s
  • Options for sharing albums1m 53s
  • Share multiple photos in an album3m 11s
  • Connect Flickr and Facebook3m 22s
  • Use Flickr and Twitter together3m 19s
  • Use IFTTT to connect Instagram and Flickr1m 30s
  • Recent photos1m 21s
  • Trending45s
  • Flickr VR48s
  • The Commons1m 5s
  • Galleries1m 12s
  • World Map55s
  • The App Garden58s
  • Camera Finder1m 34s
  • The Weekly Flickr1m 17s
  • The Flickr Blog1m 26s
  • Crop, rotate, and resize3m 6s
  • Brightness and contrast2m 17s
  • Warmth and saturation2m 16s
  • Sharpness and focus1m 47s
  • Retouch a portrait2m 19s
  • Apply effects and frames2m 11s
  • Drawing and text1m 57s
  • Single-key keyboard shortcuts1m 35s
  • Tips for using Flickr4m 50s
  • Pros and cons of watermarking3m 32s
  • Upload and display video3m
  • Create wall art and books2m 53s
  • Explore Flickr add-ons2m 17s
  • Next steps2m 31s

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