First Look: Visual Studio 2019

First Look: Visual Studio 2019

First Look: Visual Studio 2019 is an Intermediate level tutorial on Developer, created by an expert, Walt Ritscher. This tutorial is a critical step for an individual who needs to get better at his/her Developer expertise. It provides you a strong understanding on Developer, Programming Languages, Visual Studio, Developer, Programming Languages and Visual Studio.

Free Download - First Look: Visual Studio 2019
Author Walt Ritscher
Publish Date 3/27/2019
Skill Intermediate
Duration 30m 57s
Topic Developer
Video Tutorials 14
Last Update N/A

Curious about what Visual Studio 2019 has to offer? In this short course, get a first look at the new features and improved functionality offered in Visual Studio 2019. Instructor Walt Ritscher goes over changes to the Visual Studio UI and discusses productivity-boosting enhancements, including how to use IntelliCode to get relevant code suggestions. Plus, learn about the Live Share collaboration feature built into Visual Studio 2019, which you can use to easily share your work with colleagues.

First Look: Visual Studio 2019 : Video Lessons

  • Take your first look at Visual Studio 201929s
  • Explore the Start window2m 18s
  • Changes to the New Projects screen2m 27s
  • Changes to the Visual Studio interface2m 1s
  • Move IDE windows to another monitor and keep the correct resolution2m 8s
  • Collaborate with other developers through Live Share2m 47s
  • Document health and code cleanup3m 53s
  • Search the Locals and Watch windows1m 46s
  • CodeLens for all editions1m 31s
  • Improved refactorings1m 40s
  • Selectively load solutions with solution filters2m 8s
  • Get relevant code suggestions with AI and IntelliCode2m 30s
  • Xamarin and Android improvements4m 40s
  • Next steps39s

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